The Graham Norton Show: June 7

10 hasn’t confirmed Taylor Swift as being a guest in this week’s episode of The Graham Norton Show, but she will be performing. Probably a late guest booking…

Here’s who else is on:

On tonight’s unmissable episode of The Graham Norton Show, Graham’s talk show sofa is crammed with extraordinary talent.

We hope you like comic books, but then again… who doesn’t?

Joining Graham tonight is Oscar nominees Jessica Chastain and Michael Fassbender, Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, and James McAvoy, all starring in the highly-anticipated film, X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Sit back, relax and prepare to giggle along with Graham and your favourite superheros Magneto, Smith, Jean and Professor X.

8:30pm Friday on 10.


  1. Glass Portcullis

    Lotta good telly on tonight, seeing this has reminded me I’ll have to catch up on last week’s GN (I usually record the Peach encore).

  2. >> 10 hasn’t confirmed

    Maybe the PR types who send out the releases are in the dark. Still, one look at the BBC website should clue them in.

    She was featured in the advert screened last night. Sings the song “Me!” and is then on the couch and “interviewed” for 6-7 minutes. Certainly much longer than most of the musical guests – I think no ‘big red chair’ in this episode.

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