Aussie newcomer cast in next Walking Dead spin-off

A little-known Aussie actor Hal Cumpston, has been cast in the next Walking Dead spin-off.

Sydney actor Hal Cumpston, who wrote and starred in 2019 coming of age indie Bilched, has landed a lead role in the next spin-off for AMC.

It will feature two young female protagonists and will focus on the first generation to come-of-age in the apocalypse as we know it. The hook will be to see who remains good and who turns evil.

Cumpston’s character is said to be big for his age. He is a shy loner that scares some kids, but he hates the fact that he scares people.

Co-created by Scott M. Gimple, the spin-off will be run by Matt Negrete, who has been a writer and producer on The Walking Dead for the past five seasons.

Bilched was directed by Hal’s father Jeremy Cumpston.

“I wrote Bilched after complaining to my dad about the lack of quality Australian teen films around. There was this golden era in the ’80s and after that, the seminal coming of age films – the really great ones like Dazed and Confused and Superbad – have only come from the US and UK. Aussie teens are pretty funny, I wanted to capture that,” he told Film Ink.

Produced by AMC Studios, the spin-off is slated to start production on 10 episodes in Virginia in coming months.

Source: Variety

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