Bumped: The Super Switch

Latest move for reality fail now sees it move to 7flix.

Seven has now bumped remaining episodes of The Super Switch from the primary channel to 7flix.

Having been bumped to a later 8:30pm Wednesday slot it now shifts to 7flix in a double episode, replaced by Britain’s Got Talent (Melb / Ade / Per) or movie: This Means War (Syd /Bris).

Both will play against the State of Origin decider this week.

It wraps up next week in a double finale, while all remaining episodes are now at 7Plus.

8 Responses

  1. I don’t know how 7 didn’t see this coming… for me and a lot of others I assume, its failure seemed inevitable from the conceptualisation point. I do wonder if it will diminish MAFS at all, like Spartan did to Ninja Warrior. Hard to imagine given how indestructible MAFS seems.

    1. Will if nobody watched spartan/super switch i can’t see how damaging they’d be too the competing brands.
      For me, ninja warrior dropped because they didn’t listen to the audience and it felt like watching repeat episodes of a show.
      But i agree, did anyone think this show was gonna be a hit

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