Seachange fends off newcomers as The Proposal struggles for Seven

Ratings: Seven is still unable to launch new shows in 2019, with The Proposal unlikely to be the answer to their prayers.

New shows hit the 8:30 timeslot last night but Seachange held onto a win at 548,000, only down minimally on last week’s 557,000.

ABC newcomer Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds drew 478,000 -a hefty lift on Catalyst‘s 339,000 last week- and drawing high praise through social media.

That contrasted with Seven’s new dating show, The Proposal at just 307,000. This morning on Sunrise the lucky couple indicated they were still together after 5 months. Will the show last as long?

Earlier The Block (883,000) again beat a competitive Australian Survivor (804,000) with 10’s show again topping the demos.

They eclipsed 7:30 (500,000), Dogs Behaving Badly (463,000), Foreign Correspondent (409,000) and London: 2000 Years of History (233,000)

Nine network won Tuesday with 29.1% then Seven 26.0%, 10 21.4%, ABC 15.8% and SBS 7.8%.

Nine News (929,000 / 910,000) was best for Nine. A Current Affair was 816,000 then Hot Seat (513,000 / 297,000). Decades drew 247,000.

Seven News was #1 at 966,000 / 936,000 for Seven then Home and Away (629,000) and The Chase (548,000 / 340,000). Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back was just 189,000.

The Project was 512,000/ 309,000 for 10 then 10 News First (372,000). NCIS was 230,000 / 172,000 and Celebrity Name Game was 224,000.

ABC News (609,000), New Dads (282,000) and The Drum (167,000) comprised ABC’s other shows.

On SBS it was Insight (195,000), SBS World News (133,000), 8 Out of 10 Cats  (100,000) and Mastermind (66,000).

Bluey again topped multichannels at 172,000.

Sunrise: 285,000
Today: 198,000
News Breakfast: 108,000 / 49,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 27 August 2019.

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  1. Im glad others watched Old peoples home with 4 years olds. I flicked to it after Survivor and was glued to it. As someone who works in aged care it was interesting to see the difference that little kids can make. At times I laughed and other times I got emotional when these innocent children would help these residents out holding there hand, encouraging them to do activities or just walking beside them. I will be back to watch it next week.

    The new dad’s show on afterwards was also very interesting.

    I’m loving survivor. Jonathan is very good as host and it must be hard for him to stand there and commentate on the challenges when they are balancing or holding up a bag or something.

  2. Love Survivor, but the star of the night was Oldies and 4yos. Laugh out loud, yet poignant, and we are privy to the fun of an experiment which has a good chance of making a big difference in the world.

  3. Sorry to be harsh but this show had ‘flop’ written all over it – you could see it a mile away. Even if they put it on at 730pm I don’t think the numbers would have much better against The Block & Survivor (maybe a bit higher, but not much difference). They’ve had a string of flops in this territory, yet they’re still so desperate to flog every version of the format they can find/think off. I get you need to compete with other channels/formats but take the hint 7, it ain’t working for you in this area. Here’s hoping for some better programming by them in future!

  4. This is good news – I’ve despised this idea since I heard about it. I’m not surprised the US version got canned after one season. I think we’re definitely past saturation point for dating shows.

    But perhaps also the reason for the low ratings is Seven absolutely bombarded people with promos for it? Maybe people were just sick of it before it even started. There were so many promos for it, it was ridiculous.

  5. Waiting for the new promos off the back of ratings
    l reckon it’ll be either…

    1. “The must see episode of the year”

    2. “The moment that’ll leave Australia speechless”

    3. “The biggest event on TV that has to be seen to believed”

    Or a combo of all 3

    “The must see TV event of the year that’ll leave Australia speechless…you have to see it to believe it”

  6. I am really enjoying this year Australian Survivor glad to see it doing well me and my partner yelling at the tv set like goggle box lol ….wish it beats the biggest block ever lol

  7. Totally deserved to bomb. As others have said its a slightly tweeked knock off. I think its stupid too tbh. Lol. Come on 7 give us some decent shows. How the tables have turned.

    Kudos to ten survivor has been amazing this week and deserves those figures.

  8. I went to Seachange…starts late after the half hour…flicked over to Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds …which I had intended to watch on iview…but stayed…also watched New Dads after…which was great also.

    1. Even then it wasn’t strictly a dating show …I’d watched it occasionally because it’s fun watching the mish-match of the Beauty & the Geeks – sure, some might couple up, but that wasn’t the priority (at least for my watching of the show)

  9. I thought i’d take a look at the Proposal and assumed it was on at 7:30, as I was under the impression it was a family type show. I did end up watching it at 8:30 and wasn’t over the moon with it. I found it very odd that a stranger would propose to someone they knew so little about, but as my partner said, it’s just the show’s gimmick or point of difference.

    The casting was very ‘Bachelor’, mostly buff looking guys. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it made it feel less genuine for me. At least with the Bachelor you know a lot of them are there for their instagram accounts and general drama, but the Proposal seemed to push that the show is solely about love, while having the men strip down and do a swimsuit show. It just didn’t add up.

  10. Great to see survivor maintaining its audience and slowly creeping up to the block. Should also be commended that the show has maintained an audience of over 800,000 2 nights back to back, which hasn’t happened in any of TEN’s seasons until now.

  11. Why do the channels persevere with these dating type shows…people must be very desperate or are being paid a lot of money to go on them. Clearly very few viewers are interested in watching them (except for that dreadful MAFS).

  12. I really liked the Oldies and 4 year olds!! Really enjoying Ben Fordham on Today this week as well. Everything seems more relaxed and fun between them all. Pay him the bigger bucks Channel 9 and talk him into coming on permanently !

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