Back to the Rafters headed to Amazon Prime

Exclusive: If the Rafters do get back together it won't be for Free to Air television.

EXCLUSIVE: Yesterday reports emerged that Seven was in discussions for a revival of Packed to the Rafters….

But TV Tonight understands while that’s indeed true, new episodes are not destined for Seven screens, but to streaming platform Amazon Prime Video.

With a working title of Back to the Rafters, the plan is for Amazon to buy the rights of all previous episodes, with new content featuring the much-loved Rafter clan. It isn’t yet clear how many episodes (or even telemovies?) that might entail should it all fall into place.

It’s a strategic move on Amazon Prime’s part with continued pressure on streaming platforms to produce local content to appease the production sector and politicians. Nabbing Packed to the Rafters could also see a boost to their subscriber numbers.

Seven Studios, which has previously produced content for Foxtel and Netflix, was this week hinting at lifts in its output under CEO Therese Hegarty. Producing for Amazon would also be a revenue bonanza for new Seven West Media CEO James Warburton.

Negotiations are said to be continuing with cast while Seven is yet to formally comment.

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  1. there is something quintessentially ‘free to air’ about PTTR, it will be a mind shift.
    I’ll watch it, it was still a good show in the end, and all the challenges the show faced are fixable problems ie cast departing and seasons that had too many episodes.

  2. It will get to the point where there will be too much content spread over too many different streaming services leaving people to only chose the ones with most of what they like, and other shows they may have watched on a service they don’t have even if they like it won’t get a look in. Some great shows, especially local productions as more are produced, will simply not reach their full potential of eyeballs potentially leading to a decline in quality.

  3. That must mean that all the Australian shows like Blue Heelers, Rush, Heartbreak High and etc., are getting good clicks on Amazon Prime so they are seeing a reason to have it and get new episodes.

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