Friday Flashback: Nip / Tuck “The Carver”

In the days when Ryan Murphy was only responsible for one show at a time, one of his most fun was Nip / Tuck with Dylan Walsh, Julian McMahon and Joely Richardson. It was quite a ride into excess, vanity and often outrageous storylines.

One of the peak moments surrounded The Carver, a masked serial rapist / slasher who disfigured their victims whispering “Beauty is a curse on the world.”

There were multiple suspects teased as the culprit before a reveal in the third season finale in 2005.


  1. None of the Red Herrings were credible, and more absurd the attempts to prove it wasn’t Costa got, the more obvious it was him. Didn’t pick the Kit twist though it wasn’t very believable. The show was some fun nonsense.

    Recently Falchuk and Murphy have been churning out junk like Scream Queens, American Horror Story (which is long past having any point) and with Minear 9-1-1.

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