No fake ending after 9-0 vote at Tribal Council

Pia Miranda has been keeping her Australian Survivor win a secret since filming stopped in June.

Pia Miranda has been keeping her Australian Survivor win a secret since filming stopped in June.

Unlike most Reality shows, there was no second fake ending filmed in Fiji, which she attributes to the 9-0 vote result.

After returning to Australia Miranda quickly returned to filming Mustangs FC for ABC ME, but had to keep the Survivor win quiet for around 3 months.

“We didn’t do a fake ending and everyone was pretty good at keeping the secret,” she told TV Tonight yesterday.

“I didn’t tell my mum or anyone. My daughter didn’t tell anyone. I had to tell my son it was just a trick. He’s only 6 so he would have told everyone. I said ‘They were just practising, so tell everyone I lost!’

“It’s been weird keeping the secret and watching it unfold.”

Miranda watched the finale with family (admittedly upstaging her sister’s 50th birthday) before a full day of media interviews yesterday. Most of their questions have surrounded missing her kids and the family reunion, physical challenges, Luke’s GoFundMe (now over $550k) and the cyber bullying that followed her voting him out.

“I had a rocky road the last couple of days. It was really intense, so to be crowned and have everyone really supportive has been really nice, because the lead-up was pretty horrendous.”

She has also been commended on her performance in front of the jury in which she defeated Baden Gilbert. In addition to her acting background, Miranda drew upon her school debating experience.

“I was pretty confident I could beat him in a debate, but in saying that I think the edit didn’t give him enough credit. His early speech was really good, but in the question and answers, he just fell apart. That’s where I rallied, I guess from my debating background. I had been practising those answers for two weeks. I was prepared -like a true nerd!” she says.

But she also acknowledged Baden’s strength at the torturous final challenge.

“They tested that challenge and they couldn’t get anyone past 3 hours.

“Good on Baden. He had another half hour in him! I had Medical trying to pull me off.

“I was amazed I made it to merge, to be honest.

“I was on a tribe of athletes so I was lucky to find the early alliance and change things around.”

While she won’t appear in the All Stars season, Miranda now plans to take her family to Disneyland and is open to her next acting offers.

“I really like working at ABC actually. Those quirky little shows. And Comedy. If I can get more Comedy that would be great,” she suggests.

“Will see what happens. I’m officially unemployed!”

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  1. I am so pleased that ten ditched the fake ending. The Australian seasons final episodes were always a disappointment to me because the reactions were not genuine, I really hope this is the end of fake endings for good at channel ten. The casting this season was superb (finally) after many hits and lots of misses over the past three seasons. I just wish they would take the reunion show seriously – it’s such a great way to round out the season and brings viewers a lot of pleasure.

  2. I admit I’ve fallen away with watching the US Survivor, I haven’t watched it in many years… so forgive me if this sounds noobish… but I was a little disappointed about how the final questions went down… not everyone even got to ask a question, whether it was editing I don’t know… but I didn’t like the whole “everyone in” type thing that was going on. I liked it when it was more structurally sound and you got to hear each jury member’s questions and then hear the answers from the final two.

    Is that the sort of structure the US Survivor has now regarding the Jury questions? Or was it just weird editing from Australia?

    1. Yes, the structure of the jury questioning has changed in the last three or so US seasons. You might like to get back into the US seasons now, the one starting next week has a mentoring component, and season 40 next year is a all winners season. I’m certain everybody got to ask questions in this recent Pia Baden tribal council, but they were lost on the editing floor.

      1. I absolutely hate the format of the US final Tribal’s now. It’s over complex and forcing drama when with the old format, it came naturally (if it were to come at all). Australian Survivor is doing well on that front, I thought it was a fine Final.

        1. No I don’t like the way the US has done it the last few years either. But from reading the forums other people seem to like it. The first time they did it I wondered what was going on.

  3. The vileness of some people on social media is sickening and I hope she can rise above it, seeing just how much love there is for this show. Luke is clearly being taken care of which is a rare wonderful and kind thing to emerge from a reality series. And whilst I was cheering Harry on for the win, I still left this season tremendously satisfied from a season well made and well played by everyone involved.

  4. Yeah the pitch for the final votes was fairly damming for Baden. It would be hard to create a fake vote with such a landslide. A similar thing happened in the final of MC in 2018, I think

  5. Lovely article David. I have felt for her the last few days. Some of the comments on her Instagram account were truly awful. Thank goodness despite all the negativity actors were supportive and encouraging on her page. And tbh Luke lasted a lot longer than I expected. People are delusional if they thought the remaining participants were planning to go up against him in the final two. Luke was by far the most entertaining (along side David) but Pia also played well. Fingers crossed she gets another acting role soon. Have seen her in many roles and enjoy seeing her on screen. In the final episode she told her audience how hard it was to be an actor in this country. Hopefully people realise she is human too just like Luke. Thanks again David for sharing her interview as I missed all other interviews yesterday ?

    1. Part of the success of this season is the attraction of new viewers. The downside is that many don’t understand how the game works. Also, many have become quite Luke-crazy, not having watched his previous season where he was not liked very well at all. New viewers need to understand that Pia had no option (game-wise) than to vote him out, and that equal credit/blame has to be taken by the two other voters – Harry and Baden.

    2. For some reason the watching public (many of my friends) seem to lack basic understanding that this is a game. I can’t have a conversation with them because they always want the nice person, the likeable person, the “deserving” person to win. Try asking them who “deserves” to win monopoly when they play around the kitchen table and the point is lost on them.

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