When do Australian Survivor and Amazing Race Australia film?

Jonathan LaPaglia and Beau Ryan hint at next productions for 10.

They are about to be unleashed in the new-look Top Gear Australia but when do presenters Jonathan LaPaglia and Beau Ryan head off for their respective ‘day jobs’ on Australian Survivor and The Amazing Race Australia?

“Nothing’s official yet for Survivor,” said LaPaglia, “but typically we shoot every season around the end of July / August. As far as I know we are doing another season, but nothing’s locked in yet.”

“In terms of Amazing Race we are going with a celebrity version again, which I’m happy about,” says Beau Ryan.

“I mean, we had huge success last year off the back of the celebrity version, but I do like the fact that average Australians can compete as well.

“It’s only a matter of time before we probably go back to that format. We’ve got an incredible cast and we are going relatively soon.”

Meanwhile Top Gear Australia premieres May 17 on Paramount+.

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  1. I can see TG airing towards end of the year on 10 at 7:30 on Wednesdays or Thursdays while Amazing Race or Master Chef Desserts plays Sun to Tuesday,
    Or the vacant 8:30 Wednesday slot (HYBPA, Cheap Seats, Gogglebox filling the rest).

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