Big Sunday for Married at First Sight

MAFS more than doubled the competition as Idol and Survivor reach final stages.

Married at First Sight continued an unassailable run with another 1.75m in National TV Audience last night.

That more than doubled Australian Idol‘s 862,000 then from 7:30pm Death in Paradise (684,000) and Australian Survivor (601,000).

Later 60 Minutes was 904,000 then Lockerbie (489,000 / 329,000), House of Gods (226,000) and NCIS: Hawaii (159,000 / 122,000).

Nine News drew 1.09m for Nine with a late edition at 332,000.

Seven News won with 1.21m.

ABC News averaged 820,000. Compass was 194,000 but Happy Valley replayed to just 88,000 in a new move replaying Friday content.

The Sunday Project was 294,000 for 10 with 10 News First at 250,000 / 203,000.

SBS World News was 172,000 / 111,000 for SBS then The Emerald Isles with Ardal O’Hanlon (148,000 across 3 episodes) and Lisbon & WWII: Spies, Gold & Diplomacy (92,000).

National Total TV: Sunday 17 March 2024.

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  1. “Footy Furnace” nowhere to be seen on any of Nine’s channels in NSW & Qld last night. More US police investigation shows. I thought I’d give 60 Minutes a go after years of absence. What have they done to it?! A nothing piece on the royals, all seen previously in the “news”, a nothing piece on MH370, also covered a few weeks ago in the news, and a piece on cryogenics in Holbrook, covered late last year in the news – just the people changed to make it “new” again. Then there’s the new presentation with commercial breaks in the middle of each segment, breaking continuity of each story. I see I’ve missed nothing while I’ve been watching old L&O:SVU eps on 7flix or somewhere.

      1. Hi David, Footy Furnace is no where to be found on 9Now! I have searched and scanned through Sports section as well as other sections and it’s not there – strange!?!?! Do you have any contacts at 9Now that you could please raise this with? Thank you.

  2. The SBS2 doco ‘Coronado-The New Evidence’ was interesting but with an odd structure-it very much assumed the audience was familiar with Coronado and his expedition’s who, what, how and why so no explanation needed! The SBS Lisbon/Portugal doco was really late afternoon/very early evening, an odd timing to be leading their ratings.

  3. You have to feel a bit for Nine. They’ve pretty much got everything spot on this year, especially Melbourne, a tough market for them March to September the past 17 years not having AFL broadcast rights. Yet they invest so much into other AFL programming, but often to little success or low late night fare: AFL in 9News, Footy Classified x2, Wide World of Sports, Sunday Footy Show and now Footy Furnace. The latter debut last night surely a real disappointment and marketing can only go so far, hopefully its sponsor Crown are covering any costs/losses. My view is their shows are just too similar, all analytical (to an extent), dialogue driven, panel formats. Look at Seven’s (albeit sole show until this year) Front Bar, totally different and you can see why it has worked so well. And Nine have the double-whammy of struggling in Adelaide and Perth. I think sports fans aren’t dumb, they know who has actual broadcast rights, same would go for NRL viewers and Nine in Sydney and Brisbane.

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