Feras wins Australian Survivor 2024

Feras Basal wins $500,000 becoming the first Arab-Australian to win the 10 reality series.

Sydney HR Manager Feras Basal has won the title of sole Australian Survivor taking home a $500,000 prize.

He defeated NSW midwife Caroline Courtis following a gruelling two-and-a-half hour challenge tied to a turning wheel as they stood on narrow pegs.

Former Diplomat Mark Warnock was third, after being first to quit the final challenge, and Feras voting him off at the final hurdle.

Feras scored a unanimous vote from the Jury after pitching his case based on a social and strategic game, and an ambition to become the first Arab-Australian to win the series. He was also the last Rebel standing in the Titans v Rebels series.

Not even Caroline’s closest Ally, Kitty, delivered her a vote in the final tribal council.

The 10 series continues to draw praise from the Survivor fan base, who acknowledged the joys of a season with new faces, plenty of twists and favourite host Jonathan LaPaglia.

But the series has also trailed the competition in Married at First Sight and Australian Idol this year, with 10’s audience forced to build off a low base in The Project.

However there is cause for optimism with auditions already open for a new season, expected in 2025.

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  1. The editing this season was awful! Was it done by inexperienced editors? In one of the episodes (Sunday I think) we didn’t even get to see JLP putting the necklace on Mark-this was left out for some odd reason. Instead we saw Mark bawling his eyes out and then straight to ads.

    1. They did that a few times this year … I recall one where Kirby won immunity and goes into the bushes to have a moment of relief when she was the target.

      Frankly I like it – those were real moments. If the choice is a real moment of joy and/or relief or a moment of predicable pageantry that explains what we as viewers already know (“that Mark will not be going home tonight and has a 1 in 3 shot at winning Survivor, while the rest of them, Tribal Council tonight where one of you three will be the 8th member of the Jury, you have the afternoon to think about it”) – give me the real moment any time.

  2. Even though I cheered for Caroline, Feras deserved the win. However, the post-production editing needs work. It was clear who would win weeks ago because the show focused heavily on Feras.

    1. Really? I couldn’t stand Caroline and I’m still shocked she made it to the final two. But that was an easy win for Feras, she didn’t get one vote.

  3. I have been rooting for Feras since day dot so this is such a satisfying ending. He played such a great game and seeing him reunite with Kirby and Ray gave me the warm and fuzzies!

  4. It was a great season, however i feel like it was too telegraphed that Ferris would win by a certain point – not only with almost all the promos (especially post merge) being Feras & Kirby focused but also with how the show was edited.

    So watching him win just felt like “ yeah the thing that was seemingly destined to happen, happened”. Even watching the final few episodes.

    I hope they fix those aspects.

  5. Congratulations to Feras on his win. For once, the best player won. But agree with others if Kirby or Mark has been there, things would have been different and the vote probably closer.
    This was a good season of Oz survivor and gives the franchise plenty of players for any upcoming fans vs favourites or All Stars type seasons in the future.

  6. Congratulations to Feras. Well deserved ! Has been a great season of Survivor.
    Good to see the best player win for a change, (closely followed by Kirby).
    Feras seems like a nice, genuine person, as well as being entertaining to watch.
    A far better, more engaging player than George, who even Feras has compared himself to.

  7. Congrats to Feras. Great unanimous win & the jury were genuinely happy for him. Best season with great blind sides, twists & new challenges. Jonathan is one of the best hosts. Bring on Season 12!

  8. Congratulations Feras!
    Whilst Survivor trailed MAFS & Idol in total people this season – it has consistently delivered strong under 50’s audiences for 10 over Idol.
    On Monday, amongst 25-54’s it was 37% higher than Idol’s audience and in 16-39’s it’s was 68% higher.
    In a 3 horse race for audiences under 50, Survivor was a clear 2nd to the MAFS juggernaut, all season long.
    It matters, because this is what 10 has sold to advertisers – “sponsor Survivor and we’ll deliver you audiences aged under 50”. And advertisers will pay, because this is an audience that is increasingly hard to reach. They watch much less linear tv than those 55+ and there are very few advertising opportunities to repeatedly drive a brand message to this audience the way a stripped reality can deliver.

  9. Was happy for Feras to win but very disappointed that Caroline didn’t even get 1 vote. I thought at least Kitty would definitely vote for her they were allies from day 1 & possibly Mark would have voted for her. I really hate it when someone doesn’t get any votes.

    1. She didn’t deserve any votes in my opinion! I’m so happy Feras won and especially by unanimous votes – it showed the whole jury respected the gameplay and the motto of Outwit/Outplay/Outlast!

  10. So happy for Feras, well deserved. He seemed like such a genuine really nice guy and good role model for his community. Nice little touch from Kirby at the end too.

  11. Thoroughly enjoyed this season. It was great to have fresh faces this year, despite loving to see returning faces occasionally. The moves were great as well as the interchangeable alliances that formed across the season. Well done Feras, I was hoping he would win (after Kirby was unfortunately voted off). He did well in the final challenge, which I thought Caroline had in the bag, until the final turn of the wheel.

  12. Well done Feras.
    Whilst I would have liked to see him sitting beside Kirby, I doubt he would have beaten her.
    The smile on Kirby’s face, when it became apparent that Feras would be the victor, was absolutely heart-warming.

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