Australian Survivor, Idol choose grand finalists.

Two favourite reality shows chose their Final 3 last night.

Two reality shows last night locked onto the 3 contestants for their big grand finals.

Australian Survivor voted out Raymond Chaney leaving Feras Basal, Mark Warnock and Caroline Courtis in the final which screens tonight.

On offer is a whopping $500,000 prize but first there is another gruelling challenge tonight, in which all three will be tied to giant wheels, turning upside down over fire.

As always there is a very informed jury ready to grill before voting who deserves the title for best Outwit, Outplay, Outlast.

Meanwhile Australian Idol eliminated three singers last night: Trent Richardson, Ivana Ilic and Isaac McCallum, leaving Amy Reeves, Dylan Wright and Denvah Baker-Moller for the grand final.

Seven screens a Live final over two nights which will variously include guest performances from Guy Sebastian, Delta Goodrem, Marcia Hines, Sam Fisher, Morgan Evans, and Conrad Sewell.

The winner of Australian Idol takes out a recording contract with Sony and a $100,000 prize.

Australian Survivor 7:30pm tonight on 10
Australian Idol 7pm Sunday, 7:30pm Monday on Seven.

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  1. I’m shattered about the way Feras has stuffed up his game this close to the end. If he doesn’t win the challenge, I’m afraid it will be curtains for him. And after last night’s tribal, I hope Carolyn wins rather than Mark

      1. Whoever wins the challenge will decide who they take to the final.
        I think Mark is most likely to outlast the other 2. However, as we’ve seen in previous seasons, getting to the final is a huge motivator.

    1. Yeah for someone who was so remarkable at reading the play for so long, how he went and managed to completely blow up his game with some silly decisions this close to the end is baffling. He’s looked desperate and out of his depth which is in complete stark contrast to the rest of his game up until that point. If he doesn’t win the challenge tonight, he’s done. How on earth did it get to this? I just hope beyond all hell that Mark doesn’t win. He’s awful. Kirby looked absolutely filthy at the state of play last night… and perhaps a touch of ‘I told you so’ on her face too. She knew the way in which it was going to go. And she’s probably only second to George in terms of the best player I’ve ever seen at how well they read a room. I’m still devastated that she’s not there taking her rightful place in the final three. I’d happily have her back for a future installment. Feras for the win!

  2. I am a bit disappointed that Ivana is gone. As Kyle said, her interpretation of Diamonds was one of the best. Although Denvah’s music is not my cup of tea, it is great to see country music being represented in Idol. I am super excited that Guy Sebastian is finally making an appearance in Idol – I have been waiting for his appearance since Seven brought the show back.

  3. See for me, i’m disappointed Seven limited the voting to 10 each for Idol. If anything it makes it easier to skew the winners results. Why make it unlimited all season then change it? Am i happy with Idols top 3? Yeah i think they got the final 3 right but for the final, we should be able to vote who we want as many times as we want. The Voice was even worse when we were limited to 3. If we want to vote for our favourites as many times as we want why stop that? Will be interesting to see who wins. I want Amy to win but i think any of them deserve it.

    1. I don’t mind the 10 vote limit. Personally I don’t think Trent & Isaac should of made it this far compared to some of the others who went home early like Ripley and I think they got this far because their towns and communities etc voted for them a lot due to the no limit.

  4. For me the coin toss of call for Idol was the one they announced first. Ivana and Denvah. I would have kept that one til last. Pitting Amy and Isaac; Trent and Dylan were less climactic; although with the way voting went earlier in the Top 12, anything could have happened, but this top 3 is a really good one. I could have seen Ivana in the Top 3 if not Denvah. Either Amy and Dylan will make excellent Australian Idols.

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