Foxtel First program to reward customer loyalty

Loyal subscribers, you have been heard….

Foxtel has announced a new loyalty program offering rewards including movie and sports tickets, set visits, previews and money-can’t-buy experiences for its subscribers.

Foxtel First recognises the years of loyalty from its customers, regardless of the amount of spend.

Each level unlocks benefits based on four levels of continuous customer tenure: Bronze (0-3 years), Silver (3-8 years), Gold (8-15 years) and Diamond (15+ years). It is a free service available to residential customers with a set top box.

Current rewards, based on customer tenure, include:

· Experiences – tickets for sports events and cinema, a Foxtel First welcome gift along with competitions for money can’t buy experiences. This includes thousands of free tickets to Australia’s most popular sporting events this summer including Cricket, A-League and the Australian Grand Prix. And prize draws for experiences that only Foxtel can deliver such as an exclusive meet and greet for a family with the stars of Paw Patrol at Sea World including flights and accommodation.

· Viewing – exclusive on demand, advance access to some of Foxtel’s best drama, entertainment, movies, lifestyle and documentaries.

· Product – more value from Foxtel with exclusive offers on services such as free Multiroom set up and discounted iQ4 set up.

· Service – the best service and overall experience from Foxtel with a free Foxtel iQ4 set up and priority customer service.

CEO Patrick Delany told TV Tonight, “There were a couple of goals when I first came into the job. The strategy of Foxtel is very much that our current customers are where the wealth of the company is.

“The ones who were there when I first came to the company in 2004 have been very, very loyal to us and stayed. Through the years we’ve offered inducements for new customers to come, and the constant rallying cry -either when we stuff something up which we do from time to time, or when there is a new offer- is ‘I’ve been with you for 15 years, and you do bugger all for me.’

“This just seemed the right thing to do.”

Foxtel First has been developed around a similar rewards system by SKY UK, and has been beta-tested locally to help determine what Australians want and how they wanted it delivered. Research indicated newer customers valued rewards based on tickets, experiences and Foxtel shows, while longer tenure customers saw the latest technology and priority service as more appealing.

Rewards will be based on a “first come first served basis” and a “fair use” policy will apply to ensure a spread of rewards amongst customers.

Tickets will also be offered to various events on a national basis.

“When it comes to tickets places like Perth & Adelaide will get more than their fair share compared to Sydney & Melbourne,” said Delany.

Foxtel First is available through the My Foxtel app or via My Account which gives customers a direct and personalised experience with Foxtel. It’s simple and free to join and allows instant access to available rewards. On joining, customers can immediately enjoy a Foxtel Store Movie as a welcome gift and can see their Foxtel First membership tier based on the length of time they’ve been with Foxtel.

Other experiences available from launch through Foxtel First competitions include:

· Passes to see Alice Cooper at his Sydney concert plus a meet and greet with the rock star himself together with flights and accommodation.

· Double passes to watch the Australian Grand Prix from a fully catered corporate suite and an opportunity for a meet and greet with the drivers.

· Walk the red carpet at the 2019 AACTA Awards with VIP Treatment, professional hair and make-up styling, and tickets to the ceremony and after party.

· A private dining experience at The Great Australian Bake Off’s Matt Moran’s Chiswick restaurant for you and ten friends including a tour of the kitchen and garden with Matt.

· Visit the Wentworth set for a behind the scenes tour and meet the stars of the show.

· A home styling experience with Selling Houses Australia’s Shaynna Blaze with a dedicated shopping budget to spend on a new look for your home.

Subscribers with Foxtel from Telstra are able to access Telstra’s loyalty program.


  1. @JRS Foxtel is always going to have ongoing costs with techs, that’s just part of their business. It’s clear you’re worried about cost. Many consumers would be happy to pay more for a service if it offered them a better experience. Their losses can be contributed to many things, that’s not an excuse to avoid investing in the business especially after all their cost cutting measures over the years. Foxtel has more competition, they could save costs by changing those +2 channels to virtual channels to keep you and others happy, they will save on costs when they no longer use HFC (especially with techs), they will save money on satellite capacity with Optus by using better coding efficiency like HEVC and removing all the duplicates, yes that will mean replacing every box in the country that’s not an iQ4, yes that will mean a loss, but in the long term will put Foxtel in a much better…

    • Yes, Foxtel should run the business the way you want. Never mind what other paying customers might want. I’ve yet to see anything to suggest ‘many’ consumers would be happy to pay more for the service if it was a better experience. There may be some of course, but ‘many’? Perhaps if ‘better experience’ meant the same thing to all. Foxtel have had a lot of feedback suggesting there’s be a better experience of being a subscriber if existing subscribers were rewarded. Yet look at the comments below.

      Other than mentioning it’d be nice to have HD versions of all of their channels, I haven’t actually stated any preference for or against the + 2 channels. Whatever my preferences may be, I have no expectation of Foxtel meeting those at the expense of others.

      It’s easy to blithely suggest things like “replace all boxes’. The reality of that is it’s a monumental and expensive…

      • Someone has to make the decisions don’t they? You and I both know not every customer will be happy with changes, you’re proving that point right now, that’s impossible in the world of business and you don’t need me telling you that. I’ve told you what I would do, tell us what you would do to make Foxtel a better experience for everyone? You are yet to suggest any improvement and all you have done is disagree with everything I have said so far because of the cost of doing it. I get it, Foxtel doesn’t have any incentive to do what I would do, but you can only keep providing a substandard service to consumers for so long and there’s a reason why they have hired so many retention staff and are now willing to negotiate prices to keep customers. Yet to see it? Consumers pay extra for HD and the iQ4 to access 4K to get a better experience do they not?

        • Good businesses listen to all of their customers, not a select few.

          Foxtel has always been prepared to negotiate prices with their customers.

          Anyway, you’ve mostly missed the point. Time to move on

  2. No, the right thing to do would be to stop charging people extra each month for HD channels, drop the SD equivalents all together, and improve your offerings. It’d make many more of your customers happy, and would also free a fair chunk of bandwidth too. Gimmicky crap like movie tickets and “the chance to win” doesn’t provide most subscribers with anything beneficial.

    • Both Netflix and Stan charge extra for HD.

      It’d be nice to had HD versions of all of their channels. If they dropped all the SD channels, what happens to all those customers with SD only boxes. Or all those hotels/apartment hotels & motels who only have SD boxes?

    • HD should become priority for Foxtel and all customers should be upgraded to the new boxes free of charge to allow the transition to happen smoothly, maybe this will happen when Foxtel through cable is finally switched off. Gimmicky crap like this unfortunately works on so many people and it will help Foxtel retain customers. I don’t pay the HD access fee and I have helped many others also remove the fee from their accounts, if you’re still paying for it, you should call Foxtel and get the HD access for free.

      • Replacing all those boxes would be a huge, huge cost for Foxtel. Where will the money come from? Higher subscription charges? What of those customers (and there are more than you might think) who are perfectly happy with SD? Too bad for them?

        • They are already replacing cable boxes and transitioning those customers to satellite boxes for those who still want a service via satellite and are already giving away boxes for free to new customers. Why not use this time before the cable service shuts down to include all customers? I am well aware of the millions of customers Foxtel has including the businesses out there paying a premium, you have to spend money to make it and you’re forgetting the fact how much Foxtel pays Optus for satellite capacity with all the pointless +1 channels and SD duplicates.

          • All those satellite customers who’ll need new LNBs on the dish and 2nd cable run to the box, plus new wall plug. Plus all that tech labour cost. Yeah, a company that lost 40 odd million last year can afford that.

            Of course plenty of cable customers in MDUs won’t be moving to satellite due to such installs not being allowed by body corps.

            You may think the + 1 and SD duplicates are useful, and they may well be for you. Doesn’t make it so. Many customers would have a different view. They pay for Foxtel too.

  3. big gap for gold 8-15 should have been 8-12 then 12-15 you could be on 14 yrs and someone on 9 yrs gets the same reward also would have prefered maybe an option of getting say 3 months free than movie or sporting tickets

  4. I logged into Foxtel through their website and claimed a free movie. There wasn’t that much to choose from, but I assume more items will be added in time.

  5. For those having issues try this
    On the My Foxtel App
    Go to Profile
    Select Marketing Preferences
    Make sure the Foxtel Access Loyalty Rewards box is clicked

    I hope that helps

  6. I joined thru the my account webpage and did it instantly. Got my free movie immediately. The other rewards are a bit thin on and are for specific dates only. A league games where there is an interstate team visiting Sydney, or V8 round access are the only sports stuff there atm. No mention of the Wentworth set visit anywhere which is very annoying…

  7. Not appearing on the MyFoxtel App.

    Another (very recent) issue with the MyFoxtel App: shows which air on all free-to-air networks no longer appear if searched by name in the TV guide section (whilst signed out of the app). Extremely annoying.
    David, could you perhaps flag this with the Foxtel team – I called but the guys on the phone don’t understand. Thank you.

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