Wentworth to wrap with next 20 episodes

Exclusive: Filming to begin on bumper-size batch of final episodes, tipped to screen until 2021.

EXCLUSIVE: Filming on Wentworth is due to resume shortly, in what will be the show’s final batch of episodes, but fans will still see the show on screen for some time to come.

“There are 20 episodes spread over two seasons,” Foxtel Executive Director of TV Brian Walsh recently told TV Tonight.

“We’ve got some interesting names to announce who will be part of Wentworth‘s final two seasons.

“We’re really happy with the team we’ve assembled.”

That will take the series to 9 seasons expected to conclude on air in 2021.

Fans are also pumped for the return of Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) who made a surprise cameo in the Season 7 finale. Viewers were shocked to see her alive after her bones had seemingly indicated she had been buried alive.

“We planned it all along,” Walsh teased.

Foxtel also has local drama Upright to screen over summer with euthanasia drama The End expected in early 2020.

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  1. I’m calling absolute bull on “we planned it all along.” The final episode of Season 7 looked to be the final episode ever for quite some time, and story-wise, it doesn’t make sense. The Freak reveal felt tacked on the end of the episode.

  2. Why is everyone shocked? The show was getting the axe and everyone didn’t want to accept that fact. The show is great but it needed to come to an end. They decided to delay the axing of it to keep the fans happy, that’s all that matters at the end of the day.

  3. What an odd dichotomy of feelings I have to this news. Absolutely stoked for the best Australian drama ever produced getting two more years… but absolutely gutted that it’ll be all over in 20 eps…

  4. oh thanks very much for the spoiler at the end of season 7 i havent got foxtel so i have to wait until it comes out on DVD for me to watch it i am only up to episode 6 so that has ruined it for me

    1. With respect this occurred months ago on Foxtel so news not spoiler and reportedly widely. It is listed under PayTV vertical accordingly. Waiting for every person to finish watching every show on DVD would mean no news is ever run here, thx.

      1. i hadnt seen that story about pamela rabe coming back anywhere so i didnt know about it you didnt have to include it in your story you couldve just said it was being renewed for another 2 seasons i dont really want to watch the rest of this season now now that i know what happens

        1. I think casting news could be considered a spoiler of sorts, but don’t read any tv or movie news site if thats an issue for you. Any promotional interviews, promos etc of season 8 will surely mention or show Pamela Rabe as she will play a major part. S7 finished in July, the spoiler alert range is surely not three months.

          1. Enough time has definitely passed for this post to have been fair game (spoilers are a minefield I feel are handled by David and his TVT writing team *ahem!* with ample consideration). However if the rules are to be changed, perhaps I could ask everyone to keep shtum about how Lost ends. Still haven’t gotten round to that one. Thanks!

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