Airdate: David Attenborough: Seven Worlds, One Planet

Just three weeks after announcing Seven Worlds, One Planet with Sir David Attenborough for 2020, Nine has scheduled it for debut next week.

This is good news, the BBC doco has received rave reviews in the UK after premiering in the UK last week. In previous years Nine has been criticised for delaying Attenborough specials and bumping timeslots.

Seven Worlds, One Planet will transport viewers to the seven continents, and each one- hour episode tells the story of the spectacular wildlife and wondrous landscape in one. This series celebrates the diversity of life on every continent and reveals the survival challenges faced by animals in a modern world dominated by humanity. New technology has been employed by the filmmakers of Seven Worlds, such as boundary- defining drone techniques to capture unique perspectives, new species and animal behaviour.

7:30pm Wednesday November 13 and Thursday November 14 on Nine.


  1. I’m really looking forward to this, but I will wait for the 4K release. These things are just too good in 4K to experience them in HD with ad breaks,

    • Very true! I won’t be bothered until this comes up somewhere without all that rubbish. Also watermarks ruin things for me – I know some people don’t notice them, but I find they ruin the show.

  2. I find this rather amazing that Nine will be broadcasting SW,OP at this time of the ratings year. Their previous broadcasts BBC’s Planet Earth shows, such as, Planet Earth II were delayed until late February or March … good on ’em, I say.

    But ….

    Nine cut 7-8 mins from each episode … generally the “diaries” at the end, in order to show their damn ads in a 1 hour time slot and didn’t broadcast the full version until it was repeated on 9Gem (which at least this time is likely to be in HD). It will be interesting to see if they do the same again.

  3. In response to robbie1979 – No, this is a new David Attenborough series which just premiered in the UK and is certainly exclusive to Nine in Australia (Netflix may have some territories perhaps but definitely not in Aus or UK for the latest Attenborough ‘Planet’ series).

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