Airdate: Luke Nguyen’s Railway Vietnam

It’s food and it’s on a train…

Luke Nguyen is aboard the Reunification Express in Luke Nguyen’s Railway Vietnam (previously tiled Luke on a Train).

In the 10 part series he explores Vietnam’s history and culinary delights travelling from Ho Chi Minh City in the south to Sa Pa in the north.

Luke Nguyen said: “I first travelled Vietnam by train when I was 19 years old, and was blown away by the chaos, beautiful landscapes and exceptional food I discovered. It was a joy to return to the country I love so much. This series combines my passion for food, travel, trains and the Vietnamese people. Every time I go back I unearth more secrets from this rich culture and understand more about my own family’s history.”

SBS Commissioning Editor of Food Josh Martin, said: “We are delighted that Luke has returned for this new series, which brings together two worlds the SBS audience loves – travel on trains and cooking. This series is equal parts entertaining, informative and mouth-watering. We hope it will give our audience a glimpse into the many wonders that Vietnam has to offer, and encourage them to try out some of his delicious recipes.”

Luke Nguyen’s Railway Vietnam is produced by Red Creative Media for SBS.

In this series Luke travels over 2000 km across Vietnam on the Reunification Express. After decades of conflict the country’s railway system was badly damaged and rebuilt post the Vietnam War and the Reunification Express is now a symbol of the coming together of the North and South of the country.

Starting in the organised chaos of Ho Chi Minh’s old markets, Luke heads North on the train in search of the beautiful coast and spectacular rolling mountains. He experiences the serene beauty of Nha Trang, tastes the French inspired cuisine in Dalat, revels in the history-steeped Hoi An, and traverses the misty mountains of Sa Pa, to name a few.

Luke learns more about Vietnam’s fantastic produce straight from the source and cooks in some challenging places. He creates dishes both rustic and refined, all featuring the freshest local ingredients.

Thursday 5 December at 7.30pm on SBS (double episode and continues weekly at 8pm on Thursdays).

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