1. ‘The best country’??? Having lived the first half of my life in an European country, I would be careful naming Australia as the best country, where I have to wait 2 weeks to see my doctor, compared to having house calls or same day consultation in said European country. But I agree, compared to USA Health Services, Australia is ‘the better’ country.

    • 13% of Australian GPs make house calls. There are also ‘Radio Doctor’ services after 6pm. There are hospital ERs. Any doctor will take a name and call when a cancellation comes up. Two weeks is normal for a busy GP, unless an ‘urgent – call when there’s a cancellation’ is requested. Most large practices with multiple doctors can do a same-day consult. Meds which are otherwise unaffordable are generally on the PBS. Often wonder why foreigners migrate to Australia, only to criticise our free services.

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