Returning: Britannia

British-American historical fantasy Britannia returns to FOX Showcase tomorrow.

The series is set in AD 43, and follows the Roman conquest of Britain.

The cast has featured David Morrissey, Kelly Reilly, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Mackenzie Crook, Zoë Wanamaker, Ian McDiarmid, Steve Pemberton and Aussie Liana Cornell (daughter of John Cornell & Delvene Delaney).

It returned internationally on Friday.

Two years on from invading Britannia, General Aulus is romanising willing Celt tribes with the help of Celtic Queen Amena, and crushing those who try to resist. Aulus’s behaviour raises suspicions that he has another agenda; one that raises ghosts in Amena’s past and makes his threat to the Druids ever more critical. The only form of hope for the Druids and Celts is Cait, a young girl being trained by outcast Druid Divis, to fulfil a prophecy that would save Britannia from the Romans. But when the dead man wakes, two Druid brothers – Veran and Harka begin an epic battle of wills that divides the Druids and puts the prophecy in jeopardy.

Tuesdays from November 12 at 9.30pm on FOX Showcase.

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