Sonia Kruger to join AGT panel

Sonia Kruger will join the judging panel of Australia’s Got Talent, Seven has confirmed.

CEO James Warburton confirmed Kruger’s role to the Sunday Telegraph -their first official confirmation she is joining the network. Her name has been rumoured in numerous media stories since news broke of her network switch.

She will also host Mega Mini Golf (working title) to be filmed on the Holey Moley set in the US. Sources previously tipped the show would fall into line with the same title for Australia, once some legalities had been sorted locally.

But Kruger is not expected to host Big Brother, although Warburton has kept Seven’s options open.

“Everyone just assumed that’s what Sonia would be doing and she’d love to do it but we just need to work through that,” he said.

She will also be part of the Tokyo Olympics coverage for Seven.

MKR chef Manu Feildel is not expected to return to AGT.

Nine is yet to confirm its replacement hosts for Today Extra and The Voice following Kruger’s sentimental departure.

The Seven Network today announced that Sonia Kruger is returning to the network in 2020. Sonia’s considerable experience with live television audiences will be on display as a judge on the ultimate talent showdown, Australia’s Got Talent: The Champions, and as host of the international family blockbuster, Mega Mini Golf. Sonia will also be part of Seven’s broadcast team for Tokyo 2020, projected to be the biggest broadcast and digital event in Australian history.

Commenting on the announcement, Seven West Media Managing Director and ChiefExecutive Officer James Warburton, said: “Sonia is without a doubt a superstar and one of the best television talents in Australia. I speak on behalf of the entire Seven team when I say that Sonia was the one that got away. To say we’re thrilled to be welcoming her home as a judge for AGT: The Champions, as host of Mega Mini Golf, and as a member of our team for Tokyo 2020, is an understatement.”

Sonia previously featured on Seven, as co-host of Dancing with the Stars and as Entertainment Reporter for Sunrise and Today Tonight.

She said: “I’m beyond excited to be returning to the network where I first discovered my love of live television and family entertainment. With the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo and a slate of brand new prime time shows Seven is the place to be. I feel privileged to be joining James and the team for what’s going to be an exhilarating ride.”

Australia’s Got Talent: The Champions, Mega Mini Golf, and the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, all featuring Sonia Kruger, will air on the Seven Network in 2020.

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  1. OMG as if AGT wasn’t bad enough this year now if Kruger’s there there is no way I’m having anything to do with it. They don’t care about finding real talent or else they wouldn’t have chosen a pole dancer as the winner. Absolutely awful all round.

  2. I’ll give Mega Mini Golf a go because it’s different. Same as I did with The Masked Singer Australia, and I loved it. If networks give me something new to watch rather that a reboot (The Conners is, so far the exception) rip off (Trial by Kyle) I will give it a go. If networks take a big gamble (DWTS) I will tune in also.

  3. The simple fact is she left for more money , she’s getting on in the eyes of television so she may as well do the best she can ,as for loyalty I’m afraid that died along time ago in many cases ,still best of luck to you Sonya.

  4. Awful choice for the Aussie version of Holey Moley – the hosts need to be comedians, not second rate presenters.

    Has she any experience in sports broadcasting either – seems odd to either consider her for the Olympics.

      • Yes Brekkie in fact she has, she was past of Beijing 2008 for Seven (as a roving presenter, I remember her standing in front of a waterfall next to Kylie Gillies in Seven’s glossy press booklet for their coverage that came in a TV Week or newspaper. You could also search any of David’s articles on those games from 11 years ago and see her name).

        Positive she was also part of Athens 2004?

    • I can’t help thinking that Mega Mini Golf could possibly mean Mega Mini Ratings. Is golf really all that popular in Australia at anywhere near a level similar to AFL, NRL, cricket, tennis? According to the ABC back in August, almost 100 golf clubs around Australia are facing closure due to declining membership over 20 years, though the report did point out that the golf landscape in Australia is changing to a more casual approach to the sport as against the traditional full 18 holes approach.

      A TV-style golf comp would seem to be a ‘courageous decision’ in the words of Sir Humphrey.

      • One might argue Lego is also niche, and how many people participate in Ninja obstacles? If it was just golf perhaps, but it’s wacky mini-golf meets entertainment and has done well in the US. Write this down now: they won’t put a show with golf in the title on primetime.

        • there’s a difference between mini golf and golf. Golf although it is some what popular, mini golf really isn’t. mini golf is a family activity in the US, it’s a big thing. it isn’t here, there for it will be a ratings dud from night one.

  5. this is surprising. I honestly thought she’d be hosting some sort of talk show (Midday re-boot)
    Interesting that she’d want to do a show like Mega Mini Golf, I can see that show flopping hard. I don’t think there will be enough people watching to cover the costs of flying the cast, crew and contestants to the US. seems like a pricey mistake for Seven.

    Also surprised she’d take a step down from hosting one the biggest shows in Australia to be a judge on another. this all seems like a major blow to her career.

  6. I think she will be great as part of the Olympics coverage. AGT seems a bit of a stepdown for her though. Manu was a good judge, and the only one honest enough to say no to contestants when the other three were just patronising them.

  7. So she leaves The Voice which is usually No 1 in it’s time slot to go to AGT which is usually 3rd or 4th in it’s time slot. That’s a great career move. The Mini Golf show might surprise but I doubt it. Good luck Sonia.

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