“Sting in the tail” on Revelations doco

Yesterday at ABC’s 2020 programming slate presentation Sarah Ferguson told guests about her 3 part doco Revelation on abuse in the Catholic Church.

“I can’t tell you too much about it because I’ve got to keep quite a bit of it secret.

“But what I can tell you is it’s an extraordinary set of television world firsts.

‘For the first time our cameras are in court, as 2 of Australia’s most notorious Catholic Church child abusers go on trial for the sexual assault of children in their care,” she said.

“Along with these gripping trials, in another Australian first Revelation brings you interviews with priest paedophiles. I did one of them behind bars in a maximum security prison, which is one of the strangest, weirdest and most compelling interviews that I’ve ever been involved in.

“These interviews give us the first ever look into the minds of men of God in Australia who committed unimaginable crimes against children.

“(They are) 3 groundbreaking episodes next year, with a sting in the tail. A big, red, sharp, sting in its tail, which I have to keep well under wraps for now.”

Revelation brings you a series of worldwide television firsts. For the first time cameras are inside the courtroom as two of the Catholic Church’s most notorious child abusers go on trial for sexually assaulting children in their care. In another first, Revelation brings you interviews with paedophile priests, one from behind bars in a maximum security prison. These uniquely gripping interviews give us an unprecedented look into the minds of men of God who committed unimaginable crimes against children. Over three riveting episodes, crimes and cover up are shown on a new scale – with a powerful conclusion that will reverberate around the world.
Production Credits
Revelation is an In Films production for the ABC. Major production investment from Screen Australia, in association with Screen NSW.
Executive Producer: Nial Fulton (In Films)
ABC Executive Producer: Stephen Oliver.


  1. This sounds riveting, and unmissable. Can’t think of any other journo more capable of navigating the complexities of a subject like this than Sarah Ferguson.

    • I have just finished watching the 3 part series and I’m dumbfounded that these priests and brothers are still walking the streets and churches.
      You even have priests who are lawyers openly saying that they don’t have to report parent/victims complaints to the police because they didn’t ask for it to be reported.
      Bloody lying piece of S… he actually told us not to go to the police that he would make sure the offender would never work with children again.
      Yrs later found out that was a lie aswell!!!

  2. carolemorrissey

    Sounds intriguing. Looking forward to it. We’re still waiting for her to do Killing Season part 2 dealing with all the Lib spills. She did one on Labor. Only fair to cover the Libs too.

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