ABC: “We have ended those discussions”

ABC has ended talks around a new consumer show with Giant Dwarf and today taken steps to distance itself from legal proceedings between The Checkout producers.

In recent weeks producer Julian Morrow has taken to social media campaigning for the show’s future, including criticising ABC for supposedly preventing Checkout creatives from being attached to other consumer projects. But ABC was extremely unhappy with those posts and their tone.

As revealed by TV Tonight, Giant Dwarf and CJZ were in court last month and will return tomorrow.

ABC today said in a statement:

The ABC had preliminary discussions with producer Giant Dwarf to develop a consumer affairs program that offers something new to our audiences, showcasing fresh ideas and diverse Australian talent. We have ended those discussions after Giant Dwarf’s public statements and correspondence and dealings with the ABC made it clear we are not creatively aligned, which is a necessary first step when considering development of a new program.

We were clear from the outset of those discussions that we are unable to commission a seventh series of The Checkout due to editorial and legal reasons, including current court proceedings between third parties.

The ABC continues to look at ways to build on the consumer affairs content of our News, Factual and Specialist teams across radio, television and online.

Meanwhile, we are working with Giant Dwarf on other unrelated projects. We are also proud that our program slate for next year features some of the great talent featured in The Checkout, including Craig Reucassel on Fight for Planet A: The Climate Challenge and Big Weather, and Kirsten Drysdale and Zoe Norton Lodge on Reputation Rehab.


  1. There should be a place for consumer affairs on television as it is important content for consumers. I recall a now defunct public government funded television channel in Netherlands called Consumenten 24, previously known as Consumenten TV, which was a 24 hour consumer affairs channel with programming topics, such as product comparisons, consumer news, consumer questions and answers, and other related topics.

    What I liked about The Checkout was that it was not only informative, but it was also done in a humorous way.

  2. Wow, talk about “Not Happy Jan” with that Statement from Management!
    In fact, if you typed the expression “Po-faced” into Google and asked for an example that entire above missive would come up!!

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