SBS on Demand: Blinded

2019 Swedish thriller Blinded will have its Australian premiere at SBS on Demand this week.

All eight episodes are available to stream.

Young financial journalist Bea Farkas (Julia Ragnarsson, Spring Tide) has a secret affair with bank director Peder Rooth (Matias Varela, Narcos). She knows it’s unprofessional – her job is to investigate people like him – but she’s in love and can’t bring herself to break up with him. 

Careful to not give him any preferential treatment because of their relationship, she asks tough questions about how it’s been possible for the bank to post extremely low credit losses despite being Scandinavia’s most profitable specialised bank.

Bea soon gets an anonymous tip that she’s on the right track with the credit losses, and she realises that Peder Rooth is hiding something.

Thursday, 12 December on SBS On Demand.

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