7mate now in HD

End of 7food is good news for viewers of AFL and 7mate titles.

7mate today switches to HD around the country through Seven.

This follows the switch-off of 7food and will be a win for content including AFL, original titles which have included Fat Pizza, Rostered On, Aussie Lobster Men, and international titles including The Simpsons, Family Guy and NFL.

Super Bowl is expected in early February.

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  1. This is really a great thing, long over due, but certainly looking forward to the clear HD sports watching. Bring on the AFL up here in Sydney, and thanks to 7 for doing this. Also, this will be so good for the Olympics coming up…

  2. Changeover is from Midday.

    “12:00 pm today in each local market the 7mate HD simulcast commences on channel 74. Tune in to see the “Best Aussie Channel in the World Ever” permanently in HD on Channel 74.”

  3. Not on foxtel, IQ2 this morning it isn’t, only the SD def version of 7mate, I have all the other HD channel equlivents, Viceland, Gem etc. Sounds like Foxtel and 7 are either not coming to the party or it is only going to be on IQ3 and 4.

    1. If Foxtel carry the HD channel, it’ll be on the iQ2. They’ll need to reach agreement for Foxtel to carry it, plus the technical works for rebroadcasting and integration into the planner on the STU.

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