Songs of pride, empowerment unveiled in latest Eurovision: Australia Decides songs

SBS and Blink TV have revealed five songs and the first two special guest acts for Eurovision: Australia Decides 2020 taking place on Saturday 8th February.

The five unveiled songs are:

  • “Proud” by Casey Donovan was submitted to the SBS Song Portal by songwriter Justine Eltakchi.


Casey Donovan said: “From the first line of the song to the end crescendo, I had fallen in love with this song, it spoke to me in a way music hasn’t in a very long time. ‘Proud’ is merely a reminder to yourself, to be proud of who you are, proud of all of the ups and downs, to keep getting up despite the pain and push forward no matter how many people put you down. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy at that. It’s an anthem of self-love and acceptance – a little reminder that we have to stand tall and proud.”

  • “Together” sung by Mitch Tambo (pictured top) in English and his Gilmaraay language.

Song and lyric video: 

Mitch Tambo said: “‘Together’ is a really important song to me. It’s the culmination of everything I want to do with my music – to bring people from all walks of life, cultures and creeds together with a message of love, especially when so many are going through such tough times. It’s the perfect song for Eurovision, which is all about uniting people through music no matter what language they speak – or sing. I can’t wait to get out on that stage and perform this song for Australia, and the world.”

  • “Life” by iOTA submitted to the SBS Song Portal by emerging songwriter Jesse Watt.

iOTA said: “I really like this song… and it’s not my song, it was written by Jesse Watt – but I love it. ‘Life’ is inspirational and energetic, positive, mighty, heartfelt and fun… it’s been a joy to imbue my emotion and vibe into another writer’s song, to make it my own – and hopefully please the listeners.”

  • “Can We Make Heaven”  by Diana Rouvas.


Diana Rouvas said: “‘Can We Make Heaven’ was inspired by the personal lessons we learn in life and how I feel we can choose to be empowered, choose to grow, create, manifest and be the light in the darkness. The last few months have been an incredibly difficult time for so many Australians affected by the bushfires and it has been so inspiring to watch the nation come together to support those in need. It is amazing to see what we can achieve when we all band together and I know our resilient spirits will see us through to find that light again.”

  • “Pushing Stars” by Jordan-Ravi written by a team, which includes George Sheppard and Tania Doko.


Jordan-Ravi said: “I’m incredibly excited to be releasing ‘Pushing Stars’ today, and I’m very honoured to be releasing it for Eurovision: Australia Decides. The song was written by George Sheppard, Tania Doko and two other Swedish writers, so it has really great Eurovision vibes attached to it. It’s such a meaningful song with heartfelt lyrics and I’ve been able to put my own spin musically on it. I am really proud of the result and I hope that Australia falls in love with ‘Pushing Stars’.”

They join Jack Vidgen’s  ballad “I Am King I Am Queen” released last month.

This leaves just four songs to be revealed from Vanessa Amorosi, Montaigne, Didirri and Jaguar Jonze.

2019 representative Kate Miller-Heidke will return to the stage and join the jury as one of five judges, while Eurovision 2016 runner up Dami Im will also perform.

SBS Commissioning Editor for Entertainment and Australian Head of Delegation Josh Martin said: “We’re thrilled with the calibre and diversity of artists and songs this year, and proud to provide a platform to share their music with the world. To have Kate return as both a performer and a judge, to the stage where her Eurovision journey began with a new re-imagining of Zero Gravity, is really special. And what would Australia Decides be without the one and only Dami Im who has something exciting in store for us! Their experiences will no doubt provide inspiration to all ten performers, highlighting what an incredible opportunity the show is for home-grown artists and songwriters to promote their music on the world stage.”

Kate Miller-Heidke said: “I’m so excited to return to where it all began and once again perform as part of Eurovision: Australia Decides – this time without the pressure of trying to beat out nine other amazing acts! I’m also honoured to have been asked to be on this year’s jury. Winning the inaugural ‘Australia Decides’ was the start of a life-changing whirlwind and I’m looking forward to seeing the adventure begin for our next Eurovision contender.”

Creative Director of Eurovision: Australia Decides  TV Paul Clarke said: “It’s an exciting day. The contestants and their production teams have all worked so hard over the summer to get the very best vocal recordings. We are delighted with their efforts and the standard of music we are releasing today. It’s shaping up to be a show to remember. We’re looking forward to the final releases very soon and can promise original performances with a lot of props and a little bit of danger! The Live TV Final is almost sold out, so get in quick if you want to be closer to the action and feel the energy in the room as the votes and winner are revealed. And for those that miss out on the Final, the Opening Night and Matinee are a hoot!”


  1. harrypotter1994

    The one I wanted to know was Vanessa Amorosi.

    I feel like Dami will perform every year if she’s asked. It’s good to showcase her music and close to home too.

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