Axed: Spinning Out

The speed with which shows are released and cancelled by Netflix is now reaching a dizzying speed.

Ice skating drama, Spinning Out, has been axed at just one season.

The show premiered on January 1st, starring Kat Baker (Kaya Scodelario) as a talented figure skater who’s pairs up with a resident bad boy Justin (Evan Roderick).

There are 10 episodes all up.

Source: Variety


  1. Netflix has quite a sophisticated system to monitor viewer preferences, it knows how many episodes are watched and if you actually finished a series or a movie, so apart from creative reasons cancelling a show must mean that audience numbers were not high enough.

  2. Seriously hate Netflix. Ever since they cancelled Santa Clarita Diet and now cancelling this amazing show. Really can’t trust them anymore. I’ve had enough 🙁

    • Netflix have a diversity of genres and quite a number of their recent releases are from other countries, the actual release of new American / Canadian shows and movies generally matches the monthly content output from other producers.

  3. Is it possible Netflix are not appreciating/understanding their market? “Everything Sucks!” A teen coming-out comedy was axed after one season. “Daybreak” is another teen drama axed after one season and now “Spinning Out” another teen drama. I appreciate some work, think “Stranger Things” but this a great blend of both younger and older characters. Could it be the vast majority of Netflix customers (adults) have no interest in these teen angst dramas with not an adult in site? Just a thought.

  4. Oh wow… I’m actually genuinely shocked. It seemed to be well received critically and it fed into the netflix model… I can’t believe it tbh. I enjoyed it whilst it lasted then…

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