Returning: Australian Story

Australian Story returns to ABC on Monday with a controversial story of a man who killed two people, six years apart, both in mysterious circumstances.

It begins with two country cops determined to solve the mystery of who hit and killed Dr Martin Pearson, a long distance cyclist and an esteemed veterinary anaesthesiologist.

On Anzac Day 2014, Dr Pearson was on the home stretch of a marathon 1500 kilometre, nine day ride when he was struck.

The scene facing Sergeant Tim Hoffman and Senior Constable Matt Shaw, from Inglewood in south east Qld, was confounding. It was a crisp clear day and a long straight lonely stretch of road.

Somewhere out there was the driver.

Who was it? Why hadn’t they stopped?

Against all odds, the silhouette of a suspect began to emerge, only to reveal a figure who had killed once before – incredibly, six years previously, almost to the day.

And that case raised more questions than it answered.

8pm Monday on ABC.

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