Eurovision: 2020 songs out for 2021

On the weekend the European Broadcasting Union ruled that 2020 songs selected for Eurovision 2020 would not be eligible to perform at its 2021 event.

But it’s up to each nation if they wish to send the same performer with a different song.

“We have been overwhelmed with the love that the Eurovision Song Contest family has shared since the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 event.

“The EBU is very aware of how much the Eurovision Song Contest will be missed this year. The Contest’s values of universality and inclusivity, and our proud tradition of celebrating diversity through music, are needed now more than ever.

“As such, the EBU and its Members are currently exploring alternative programming, but not a competition, to help unite and entertain audiences around Europe during these challenging times.

“It is our intention with this programming, and on our online platforms in the coming months, to honour the songs and artists which have been chosen for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020.”

Montaigne, who was due to perform “Don’t Break Me” has expressed her wish to compete in 2021.

On Twitter she wrote, “hello everyone wondering about my participation in #Eurovision next year. I would really like to do it. really really. a lot. but that’s up to SBS. so pls direct your queries about that to them, what happens isn’t in my hands. alas. ?”

However at the last Australia Decides event Dami Im indicated her desire to return to Eurovision.

This creates a dilemma for SBS and Blink TV. Dami Im is hugely popular with the Eurovision fanbase -both in Australia and Europe- and could have a real shot at glory if she has a strong song. But is it fair to Montaigne?

Or do they simply put them back into a new Australia Decides battle?

SBS is yet to comment, no doubt waiting to see how the EBU honours the 2020 songs.

Source: wiwibloggs


  1. Australia has only been in the competition 5 or 6 times. Definitely should not be recycling artists yet. Maybe if we have been in it for 10 years. I think Montaigne should definitely represent next year. Others to follow could include The Veronicas, Anyhony Callea, Ricki Lee, Delta, and Cyrus.

    • Australia runs an open selection now, so likely Montaigne will get a guaranteed entry next year. That’s the ideal situation. Cancelling Australia Decides means denying 9 other artists their big chance. Note: She won her way to Eurovision 2020. It’s cancelled so she, and many others, unfortunately miss out.

  2. I personally didn’t love Montaigne’s song, but think the only course of action is to send her back next year. And with a different song may be a blessing in disguise!!

  3. I love Dami I do and no hate from me but sending the same act back to Eurovision? Seems a bit desperate to me. It’s only been a few years even if she wishes to return. It sends a message of we don’t have anyone else.

    • Guy many acts have competed multiple times. Often with great success. Johnny Logan even won the thing twice for Ireland. Not desperate at all if it’s the right person.

    • Not sure why so many people talk about “sending” artists. For two years now it’s been an open selection and artists need to win their way. Dami Im entering is no guarantee she’ll win, especially now if there’s a sympathy vote for Montaigne if she returns. Plenty of bigger names have failed in national finals overseas.

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