Nine acts on Willoughby studios after Rita Wilson visit

Tracy Grimshaw is not hosting ACA, arrangements for Today Extra to be confirmed.

Nine has confirmed those who came into contact with Rita Wilson at Willoughby studios for a “prolonged period” on Today Extra on Monday are self isolating for 14 days.

There are concerns around make-up facilities used, and suggestions David Campbell has self-quarantined.

A Nine spokesperson said, “Nine today has taken action in line with our crisis response plan around a visit to our studio by Ms Rita Wilson on Monday this week,  for an appearance on Today Extra with David Campbell and Belinda Russell.

“Our actions are in line with the guidelines set out by the Government and Health Authorities.  Those who were in prolonged contact with Ms Wilson have been tested and are self-isolating for 14 days.

“Our premises is currently being thoroughly cleaned in all areas she visited and we are encouraging our employees to monitor their health and practise good hygiene.

“Tracy Grimshaw is not hosting ACA tonight as a precautionary measure since she had minor surgery last week.  Karl Stefanovic will host in her place.  Arrangements for hosts for Today Extra are still being confirmed.”

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  1. Good to see they are taking this seriously & doing the right thing. From what i am reading i think the incubation period for covid19 is longer than 14 days, it’s only a matter of time before we face a complete lockdown which will be painful but in the long run will avoid more deaths.

  2. I’ve just finished watching a media conference with Anastacia Palaszczuk. I can’t image she ever imagined there would a situation in her political career when she had to utter the line ‘anyone who has been in contact with Tom Hanks will have to self-isolate’. Bizarre times we live in!

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