Reality finales locked in

MKR grand final marks the end of an era. Survivor wraps on 10 Monday week.

Two Reality TV show finales have confirmed their broadcast dates.

My Kitchen Rules wraps at 7:30pm on Tuesday.

This will likely mark the end of an era. The show has been described by Seven as their defining show of the past decade, drawing mega-ratings, underpinning revenue and annual wins, created and produced within the network and a format sold to multiple countries.

This year, and last, that all changed, with viewers shunning a tired format which tried to refresh.

Jake & Elle are already through the the final having drawn the highest Instant Restaurant score in MKR history. That leaves Monday with Mark & Lauren hoping to beat a score by Dan & Steph to qualify.

The network has already moved onto a new food format in Plate of Origin, but faces far more serious financial jeopardy than anything an instant restaurant can dish up.

Over at 10 Australian Survivor will wrap on Monday March 30 with a grand final at 7:30pm and a Reunion at 9pm.  The Survivor reunion is hosted by Osher Gunsberg due to current travel restrictions, but Jonathan LaPaglia is understood to be reading the winner from LA.

Lastly Easter non-survey begins on Sunday April 5.

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  1. Australian survivor has been brilliant this season. Well edited unlike the American series which seems to be very disjointed this season! Pity its ending. MKR however has been so boring. MKR you are eliminated!!!!

  2. Well done, Ten for taking out a long term thorn in their side with MKR. Great to see Survivor hold up so well against the MAFS juggernaut, although slightly less of one this year.

  3. 7 sure is brave following MKR up with another food show.
    Not sure what the point of non ratings is around this years Easter given the current situation where we can’t travel anywhere so if anything ratings should start going up as people don’t have sport to go to of a night, holidays or other after school/work activities that are now all being cancelled.

  4. Your right about their financials ,not looking good ,well over 500M in debt ,I heard they are hoping for the games postponed or cancelled as they’ll get a refund which will help their bottom line , albeit by not that much.

    1. I doubt thats true, 7 got their olympic package at a relative bargain in a deal stitched up with little competitor interest after london and sochi disappointed. should the games go ahead, the platform it provides would be much more valuable than any refund.

  5. David, can you answer a question for me?
    Has MKR been shortened this year due to low ratings?
    Haven’t watched it for a few years, but can remember in past years it dragging on way past the Easter Break.
    Was this year cut short due to low ratings or was it always planned to end when it is?

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