Returning: House Rules

In a bold move, House Rules: Hugh Stakes begins on Seven next Sunday night -the first week of Easter non-ratings.

The series will continue across Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday nights as 8 teams renovate the sprawling, 1970s penthouse of the Focus Apartments tower on the Gold Coast.

But this is a first challenge to land one of six spots in the remainder of the series, and the chance to have their own house renovated.

House Rules: High Stakes will be hosted by the iconic internationally awarded designer and former House Rules judge, Jamie Durie. Jamie will be joined by a co-host, acclaimed Seven sport’s television presenter Abbey Way. Joining superstar judge Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen will be interior designer and home stylist Kyly Clarke and prolific Aussie home builder Saul Myers.

7pm Sunday April 5 on Seven and continuing 7pm Mon – Wed.


  1. Overall there is a feel that the show has been glammed up. All the photos look like promos for Bachelor, MAFS etc. I think they are going to have trouble holding the past audience because it has lost its homey feel, the question is will they pick up enough of the plumped-lips audience to compensate?

  2. Wow, 7 are desperate for success in this timeslot. Premiering in non-ratings would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. I’m still expecting this to be bumped for more of The Latest

    • I’m sorry but that is the worst of them. I don’t find Tracy credible whatsoever and its content is dubious at the best of times. Last week’s stunt with the Treasurer is enough to make me never watch it. On the contrary, Seven and Musher handled a similar situation with professionalism. That’s all I need as evidence that The Latest is the better product if only Seven treated it that way and left it at 7:00…

  3. House Rules actually looks good this year except for one thing. I don’t know why Abbey is there as host. We don’t need two hosts *shrugs*. I think schedule wise its a good move as not as many people will be out this year for Easter as past years. Will be interesting to see how it goes. At least this series has been completed by all reports too.

  4. I’m really looking forward to House Rules this year. The Focus building us such an icon of the Gold Coast. My Dad worked on it during construction, and I remember him excitedly telling us that it had a telephone in every room !! Lol

  5. What about The Latest???? Didn’t Seven promise that would be screening every night at 7PM during this crisis to keep us up to date? Or is it only when it’s convenient for Seven ? This crisis ain’t going to be over by next Sunday. I’ve also noticed that they’ve switched around the stupid Ben Cousins show so that is screening first at 7PM tonight now when they had changed it to 8PM after The Latest. No wonder it hasn’t been beating ACA or The Project, we can’t even trust that we’re going to find it in the same timeslot every night like their promo has been leading us to believe!!! The shame of it is that it’s the best show of the three of them as well with Michael and Melissa presenting, so many great interviews and an awesome format but they are treating it just as badly as their dramas. Seven need to get their priorities right. Next week could be one of the biggest weeks of the pandemic…

    • You’re right on Ben Cousins being shifted to 7pm (originally 7, then 8, now 7). But you’re wrong that they promised The Latest for every night across the pandemic. It was a 2 week pledge.

      • Well that is a bit stupid if they’re only going to do it for two weeks. The crisis isn’t going to last for only two weeks!! They’re setting themselves up to fail. They need to have some faith like Ten are with their 90 minute bulletins. ACA, The Project and ABC News will probably continue to beat The Latest this week just because people will know they will continue to be able to find them there in the same timeslot every week. They need to keep it there and let it grow if they are to actually compete with the other news programs at 7PM. If they’ve started this sort of programming for this crisis, you would expect it to continue until it’s over at least. Clearly it’s still all about ratings and not loyalty. Since I have been a loyal viewer the whole of last week for The Latest, I like watching it at 7:00 and don’t want to wait until after all their other crap to learn all the important…

        • “Clearly it’s still all about ratings and not loyalty.” … on the contrary television networks love loyal viewers because the are the bedrock of ratings. 7 is obviously seeking to gain first-mover advantage by breaking out of what is becoming a boring, repetitive COVID news cycle into something based on entertainment for the majority and allow the minority news-addicts to find their fix elsewhere. Whether House Rules is the product to do it is a bit debatable, but it’s all they’ve got …

          • Well I prefer The Latest to the dribble that is ACA or The Project. It is the far superior product to me and I like it’s style and presenters. I’m just confused when they’re obviously putting in the effort, even screening it Fridays and Saturdays when they could have just shown BH&G and a movie respectfully if they really didn’t care. Why give up on it when this crisis is likely to be reaching its peak? And if you want entertainment, that’s what streaming services like Netflix and Stan are there for!! It’s why entertainment figures are decreasing on FTA TV. The one thing FTA can show that streaming can’t is news. And it’s cheap. So let people like me see the news we want to. May as well bite the bullet and follow the other networks and do a different sort of news program at 7PM like they currently are with The Latest…

    • clem_official

      Agree with you that the Latest is quality news coverage so maybe they could have made it 7.00-7.30 Weeknights on 7 so that House Rules High Stakes can air at 7.30. Home and Away should be axed anyway and they should have The Latest air at 7.00 weeknights on 7 because Home and Away is just a load of trash tv.

    • The Latest is a late night news bulletin, and it should have stayed there. If it is better than the news then replace the news. A lot of people are now just watching a few minutes of the news then switching off or over.

      FTA is not just for news (or sport, or other “live” shows) – it also exists for people who can’t afford streaming, or the devices needed for iview or On Demand. There are a lot of ordinary people out there who watch FTA and FTA only.

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