1. Maybe 10 should have brought us the Bachie in Paradise we were waiting for! Not too late to change your mind about more COVID-coverage 10!

  2. Revelation is compelling. I missed Wednesday nights ep, but I’ll stream soon. Sarah managed to get the subjects to open up, without being warm or friendly to them.

  3. Forgot about Lego Masters. It did have big numbers last time. Guess after that it will come down to what shows are delayed due to the Virus. The big one for Nine being the Block

    • Not likely. First two weeks of House Rules are in non rating period. Then they’ll be up against Lego Masters. Last year’s seasons rated around the million marks (5 city overnight) and with a lock down currently in force, I’d suggest the figures might even increase this year.

      • Yes I agree… even without the lockdown I believe the ratings would have increased in S2… but because of the predicament we are all in at the moment, I really believe Lego Masters is the absolutely ideal show to watch with the family. Also considering toys/board games/jigsaws etc. have all had a sudden influx of popularity… this show could not have fit in more perfectly in so many ways than what it does right now.

    • Oh yes, likewise at our house. Actually great entertainment, ‘though ‘Revelation’ would not be ‘entertainment’, rather ‘revealing’ or ‘enlightening’. Cudos to Mr & Mrs Tony Jones for their miniseries. Excellent. Can’t wait ’til tomorrow night. 5-stars, as David reviewed.

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