Pandemic inspires Balcony Stories, Family Fortunes.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to more creative decisions internationally.

ITV is reinventing Family Fortunes -Britain’s version of Family Feud.

Deadline reports producers will do away with the shiny-floor studio and instead send cameras into the homes of two families, who will compete to guess survey responses.

Observing the UK’s strict social distancing rules, a presenter will be stationed at a third location to preside over the two teams. All three will be filmed using remote outside broadcast technology.

ITV is yet to decide whether it will go to series.

Meanwhile ViacomCBS International Studios and Fremantle will produce Balcony Series, short-form user-generated content from people in lockdown, providing a window on how people from around the world are coping.

There will also be 27 local versions of the series, broadcasting across 130 countries and 100 channels. Australian details are yet to be announced.

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