Returning: Catalyst

Catalyst returns to ABC next week as chef Paul West, dietician Professor Clare Collins and chemist Dr Noby Leong reveal the delicious chemistry, biology and physics hidden inside the foods we all love, so we can cook better and eat healthier.

This is a two parter, with Part 1 next Tuesday.

In this episode, Paul learns that the nation’s most popular fruit, the Cavendish banana, is under threat of extinction, but discovers that a new disease resistant variety is being cultivated in a field in Far North Queensland. Clare finds out how the traditional craft of fruit preservation is supersized in the production of canned baked beans, and Noby delves into the science of cooking the perfect medium rare steak. Paul also uncovers how the power of gluten is harnessed in slow fermentation sourdough bread – and gets to taste a very special bread made from native Australian grasses.

Tuesday 14 April at 8.30pm on ABC.

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