Returning: Have You Been Paying Attention?

10 has confirmed a date for its self-isolating edition of Have You Been Paying Attention?

Tom Gleisner will be in studio while Sam Pang, Ed Kavalee and guests are ready to answer questions from their very own couches from Monday May 4.

Sam and Ed will be joined each Monday night by a rotating panel of highly attentive comics that will answer a fresh deck of questions around that virus everyone has been talking about, those TikTok videos that are on high rotation during isolation, and the questionable antics of our headline-grabbing politicians.

There’s no excuse this season, our contestants have spent their pre-season training in quarantine, glued to the constant news updates. Hands on buzzers – it’s almost time to get a few correct answers on the Have You Been Paying Attention? leader board.

8:30pm(ish) Monday, 4 May on 10.


  1. why even bother having it return at the moment theres only so many questions about covid19 you could ask – theres no other news around at the moment

    • The contestants wouldn’t use an auto-cue on any episodes of the show. If anyone would, it would be Tom when they are going to a break or something else. But those kinds of things could be told to Tom in his ear-piece, It is a show that might not even need an auto-cue. You may have been joking. What I am wondering is how will it work without buzzers, as I am pretty sure they won’t be able to use buzzers when each person is in a different location.

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