10 Peach remembers Jerry Stiller

Great to see 10 Peach has scheduled some classic Seinfeld episodes which showcase the best moments from the late Jerry Stiller.

8pm “The Doorman” (where Frank has large ‘breasts’ and Kramer makes him a bra)
8:30pm “The Fatigues” (Frank‚Äôs disastrous stint as an army cook in the Korean War)

8pm “The Serenity Now” (needs no explanation)
8:30pm “The Strike” (with Festivus)

Both are repeated at 10:30pm / 11pm each day.


  1. daveinprogress

    Thanks for this David. I wouldn’t have known otherwise You’re a gem! Oops that’s the other network! You’re a…. peach:)

      • They could play all four episodes back-to-back on Saturday night on the main channel (in HD). It’s not as if they have anything else on. Hell, they could throw in a few more episodes for good measure and make an all-night marathon of it.

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