10 Play refreshes on Telstra TV

10 Play has been refreshed on Telstra TV, with a new-look interface that is smoother and faster.

Network 10’s general manager – digital, Liz Baldwin, said: “The launch of our new 10 Play app on Telstra TV is a significant milestone in our streaming strategy as we continue to enhance and invest in the technology and content of our streaming products. With a compulsory login feature, the new platform will also provide further scale to our data and targeting capabilities.

“This is just the first step. Over the coming months, we will continue to roll out the platform on Android TV, Samsung and tvOS with a fully consistent, high fidelity, app experience across all devices live by the end of the year.”

10 Play is having its biggest year ever, up 28 per cent year-on-year. New content added to the platform in recent months include Aerobics Oz Style, full seasons of How To Stay Married, Drunk History and The Secrets She Keeps and a number of classic U.S. Survivor seasons. Other exclusive content available on 10 Play include every single season of MasterChef Australia as well as past seasons of favourites like The Secret Life Of Us, Love My Way and Party Tricks.


  1. wel thank **** for that, we’ve only been waiting for about 4 years for them to give us a decent Tenplay app, i have actively avoided using over that time so fingers crossed the new Android app will be alot smoother.

  2. In the hopes someone from 10 is reading this: how about Neighbours from when it started on TEN. Classic 10 soaps Richmond Hill, E Street, Number 96 and the The Box.
    In fact why isn’t classic Neighbours on Peach? And while I’m at it I miss Son’s and Daughter’s on 7two (or whatever it’s called now). Now that show has drama!

    • 7 or 7Two, i can’t remember which now, reran the entire series of S&D from around 2007 to 2010 i think it was, anyway i used to record it on my old dvd recorder so i know it was that long ago. I can’t see them doing it again though, they have heaps of other retro content on there 7 Plus now, eg a Country Practice, Blue Heelers.
      I have the No96 dvd’s, would be great to see E Street again though.

    • Totally agree, db. Same with SBS On Demand. I have a PS4 and AppleTV but my TV glitches out randomly with AppleTV (the Panasonic TV’s fault, not Apple’s) so whilst we use the PS4 as a default for all the other streamers, we have to chance it with AppleTV for anything on TenPlay or SBS.

    • Per Deadline: Viacom-CBS said that are planning on refreshing CBS All-Access (i.e. 10 All-Access) before a global role out with more brands/content from the companies catalogue in 2020 or 2021. They were also in the process of ordering more originals for the global role out too. (Finger cross they get it right this time).

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