Australia votes Iceland as best of Eurovision 2020

Australia votes for kooky in the songs that would have featured in Rotterdam.

Australia has voted for Iceland as its favourite entry which would have competed at the cancelled 2020 Eurovision Song Contest.

Think About Things by Daði og Gagnamagnið topped the votes by fans in last night’s Eurovision: Big Night In!

Russian band Little Big took out second place with Uno, while Lithuania’s The Roop came in third with their indie-pop entry On Fire.

All three had the kooky factor this year…

SBS Commissioning Editor and Australian Head of Delegation Josh Martin said: “Move over Bjork, Australians have voted Daði og Gagnamagnið as our new favourite Icelandic artists with a beautiful song honouring a parent’s love for a newborn. SBS is proud to have given Eurovision fans some sort of closure to this year’s contest and, although we’ll never know who might have won the song contest this year, Montaigne’s performance tonight was incredible. I have no doubt she would have done Australia proud and finished high on the leader board!”

Australia’s Montaigne, who was ineligible for local votes, revealed the concept behind her planned staging planned of Don’t Break Me.

“To bring a song to life on the Eurovision stage takes a lot of hard-working creative people, and though we don’t get the real stage, I’m grateful that we get to show off our baby — in which we are very proud — to the public,” she said.

“The core team at Blink TV & SBS did an amazing job of finding recruits who understood my niche interests (dungeons & dragons, fantasy, anime & animation) and could fuse that with the emotional content as well as a “popular” aesthetic. Now it’s back to the drawing board. I’m excited to cook up something fresh and new for 2021!”

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  1. Show was great but Montaigne’s performance was woeful. She simply doesn’t know how to dance! Choreography was so bad, just jerky movements that didnt flow. Background just looked like a rehash of effects used in previous Eurovision songs, paricularly Heroes. Nothing new or original! Thank god most of the world didn’t get to see this.
    Best song of night had to be Volcano Man!!!!!
    Cant wait till End of June for this years “Eurovision Spectacular” on Netflix!!!!

  2. Russia was delightfully bonkers, I couldn’t help but want them to “win”. My other votes in the SBS poll went to “positive” songs (Ireland + Denmark) but sometimes crazy just feels so right.

  3. Of course Australia voted for Daði og Gagnamagnið, they have keytar’s that’d make Pseudo Echo jealous. Out of this years The Roop On Fire was my favourite so my vote would have gone there, of course we couldn’t vote for our own however still would have gone with On Fire as Australia decides my choice was iOTA’s Life.

  4. Didn’t watch the special, but I did just see Iceland’s entry via the embedded video on this page, and it was very good. Might get around to see the other two in the top 3. You may not know this, but synthesizers are making a comeback in music around the world (synthwave, which you can check out on YouTube as well).

    1. Yeah really started to pick up steam again with Tangerine Dreams: Love On A Real Train being featured in movies and TV Shows the last few years, Mr Robot and Black Mirror (Bandersnatch) being just two. Kind of funny in a way that a song composed by the band for the 1984 film Risky Business is the one everyone knows best when they’ve had 160 albums released (20 before Risky Business). Also think it will gather more momentum now since the passing of Kraftwerk’s Florian Schneider on April 10th this year as that will peak interest again in that very influential band (along with CAN, Faust, Neu! and Tangerine Dream of course).

    1. oh dear these three songs are certainly some of the best song that are right for Eurovision and they get what its all about. They are quirky weird wonderful. Some people don’t get a ‘normal’ song will never win at Eurovision. The video clip to Little Big is so camp

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