Airdate: Colony

2016 US sci-fi Colony, which has previously aired on Netflix, begins this Saturday on SBS VICELAND.

The series stars Josh Holloway and  Sarah Wayne Callies in a family’s struggle to bring liberty back to the people of an occupied Los Angeles.

This is a 10 part series which kicks off with a double episode.

Series One, Episode One: Pilot
In near-future Los Angeles, life isn’t what it seems. Desperate to find his son, Will Sullivan attempts a daring rescue to bring his family together again. Meanwhile, his wife Katie takes a risk to help her sister get much needed medicine for her son.

Episode Two: Brave New World
Will’s first day working for the enemy brings unforeseen challenges. Meanwhile, Katie secretly commits herself to the cause that she believes in to protect her family. Trying to climb the ladder and find a way to a better life, Katie’s sister Maddie takes a chance on a surprise run-in with an old acquaintance.

Saturday, 6 June at 9.20pm on SBS VICELAND.


  1. Interesting that Colony was often delayed being broadcast when its popularity was at its peek, even Netflix waited the best part of a few months, now with the show being cancelled since 2018 we finally get to see all seasons on Netflix ( with ‘new episodes’ banner under the title) and now on SBS Viceland as well.
    Colony had just enough story arc left for one more finale season, perhaps Netflix could have done a Designated Survivor and provided it.

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