Auditions: The Amazing Race Australia

10's race is ready to take on Australia after all.

Good news from 10 with The Amazing Race Australia back on, albeit with a local route.

Production by Eureka will take place around Australia over a 7 week period later this year, for an ultimate $250,000 prize.

Host Beau Ryan said: “The experience will change you and your teammates life forever. If you’re looking to travel off the beaten path, all while having a crack at the massive prize, then give it a shot.”

Last season’s winners, newlyweds Tim and Rod, said: “The Amazing Race Australia was the most incredible adventure of our lives. The race is an adrenaline rush like you’ve never experienced before and the memories will last a lifetime.”

It isn’t clear if the show will still make it to air in 2020 or land in 2021.

Attention thrill-seekers and jet-setters. It’s not too late to salvage your 2020 travel plans. The Amazing Race Australia is back and looking for teams of two to take part in the race of a lifetime – this time, around Australia.

Staying on home soil, contestants will explore the breathtaking beauty and intrepid adventures Australia has to offer. Will our teams scale the Sydney Harbour Bridge? Forage through Kakadu National Park? Count all the churches in Adelaide? There’s no knowing what Aussie adventures await.

Last year, our hearts weren’t the only thing racing when 11 daring duos bungee-jumped, kayaked, goat-milked and skydived their way across the globe in pursuit of the $250,000 cash prize.

From folding dumplings to chowing down on century eggs, the race was filled with twists, turns and tantrums.

Host Beau Ryan will be back to wrangle the racers, guide them through each task and let them know their fate at each pit stop.

So, if you’ve got a packed suitcase but nowhere to go, and like the sound of a $250,000 cash prize, then lace up your sensible walking shoes, grab yourself an Akubra, swag and travel buddy, and apply today here.

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  1. I still have decent hopes that TARAU’s Race Around Australia can be decent – Having watched TARCanada (which mostly keeps to Canada), a domestic race can be really fun if they have some real difficult challenges and knock it out the park with casting.

      1. Hopefully they can replicate those iconic cultural elements somewhat through diverse casting (again) and visiting a range of places in Aus. Rural QLD is very different to inner city Syd/Melb just as immigrants are culturally different to Aussie bogans – there is a lot of scope for them to explore Australia’s multiculturalism

  2. Would like to see them visit places off the braten track rather than the cliche tourist hot spots. How about having to go to tip of Cape York, Marble Bar – our hottest town, Dubbo, Coober Peedy, Mt Kosiusko, Queenstown Tasmania? I don’t want to see them going and doing the things regular tourists do

  3. Great opportunity here for 10 to partner with some of the state tourism bodies, who I’m sure will be gagging to showcase their tourism hot spots to a nation that is currently prevented from travelling overseas.

  4. Whole new kind of roadblock challenge: “Having just crossed state borders, teams must undergo 2 weeks quarantine in a hotel. Once there, they will experience local delicacies such as a $30 room service burger and $7 bottle of water from the minibar.”

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