1. I wonder about the future of Reality TV formats. Masterchef has been reinvigorated by new hosts, but everything else is virtually identical. Four-time cancelled Big Brother returning feels like desperation for getting some mojo back. Talent Shows have had about 15 barely varied versions that die off rapidly. Somehow the granddaddy Survivor still reigns strong despite not changing one bit since it began. The novelty has long since lost its shine.

  2. All things considered, they ain’t terrible numbers for Kath and Kim. This is the 3rd time in 3 years, 9 has re-shown the show in a reasonable timeslot. It has been re-shown plenty of times before that. And it’s on Netflix. Realistically, that could have been worse for 9

  3. Glad to see 9s lazy programming fell flat, why would we watch such old programs on commercial tv when we can stream all that and so much more without ads and when we want. Glad too see Masterchef holding off BB as well.

  4. 1.02 million! This pleases me enormously, and sort of makes up for one of my absolute favourite contestants ever leaving. And good to see BB holding up.

  5. While still hilarious, K&K is on Netflix in its entirety, sans ads. Blind Freddy could have seen a run on commercial FTA was going to fall flat.
    10 must be thrilled their 12 year old cooking show is winning the demos over what is considered a demo darling of a show, in BB.

  6. Good morning David. There’s a couple of mistakes with the 7pm shows. It looks like ACA won not ABC news and the Home and Away figure.

    I think Big Brother is going to be most trouble for The Voice when they go head to head, especially as people have pointed out, The Voice starts to usually drop from here anyway.

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