The Directors: June 3, 10

The Directors profiles the individuals behind the camera who have called the shots and crafted cinema experiences that have enthralled generations of moviegoers.

Next up on Foxtel Arts are Victor Fleming & Anthony Mann.

Wednesday June 3 at 7.30pm – Victor Fleming
Victor Fleming was born in California, in 1889. Joined MGM in the 1930’s and directed some of the studio’s most prestigious films. Red Dust (1932) and Bombshell (1933 showcasing Jean Harlow, while Captains Courageous (1937)

Wednesday June 10 at 7.30pm – Anthony Mann
Film Director, Anthony Mann born in 1906 best remembered for his work in the film noir. He directed films for a variety of production companies, from RKO to MGM, and worked with many major stars of the era.

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