Update: News Breakfast

Michael Rowland will be off News Breakfast until July 20.

He tweeted that he’s having some leave and “a stint” at 7:30.

Ben Knight will co-host with Lisa Millar and later Paul Kennedy in the interim.


  1. Michael is an essential drawcard to News Breakfast…but the couple of times I’ve seen him on 7.30, I’ve wanted him there more (as much as I love Lea Sales). Just so long as he doesn’t leave our screens altogether, I’ll be happy.

    • I don’t think Michael will leave our screens, he could have a news show all to himself, like Barrie Cassidy. It’s interesting that as far as I know, Michael Rowland has not made an appearance on commercial TV like Waleed and one or two other former ABC regulars, that’s a bonus point for him as far as I’m concerned.

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