Animation flying high in lockdown

Sydney-based Flying Bark Productions is busier than ever with animation as over 270 employees work from home.

Drama, reality and other genres production are doing it right now but animation is thriving under lockdown.

Sydney-based Flying Bark Productions has been busier than ever despite the global Coronavirus pandemic after transitioning over 270 employees to work from home.

First episodes of LEGO’s Monkie Kid, based on the Monkey King legend from the Chinese novel Journey to the West, premiered in China in June and have already reached over 43 million views.

In addition, Flying Bark is producing the animation for three episodes of Marvel Studios’ upcoming What If…? The anthology series is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and features stories that present alternate realities in the Marvel universe. The show is set to premiere on Disney+ in 2021.

The feature film 100% Wolf, due to series on ABC later this year, was official selected for the Kristiansand International Children’s Film Festival 2020. The film with the voices of Akmal Saleh, Jai Courtney, Jane Lynch, Magda Szubanski, Rhys Darby and Samara Weaving, is available on Google Play, iTunes, Fetch and Foxtel Go.

Flying Bark is also busy with Maya the Bee: The Golden Orb, a feature length spin-off of the Mia and Me franchise; and the 100% Wolf television series.

Producers hope to see a return to the physical studio over the next few months, employing new artists and animators in CGI and hand-drawn 2D animated projects.

Barbara Stephen, CEO Flying Bark Productions said, “The global animation industry has remained working (albeit slower than usual) during the COVID-19 crisis despite a complete shut-down of nearly all other forms of drama production around the world.

“The costs but relative stable revenue has complicated the business, however the willingness of clients, broadcast partners (in particular the ABC) and Australian Government partners to be flexible has supported our company in a way which has enabled us to sustain significant employment for our crew.

“Our teams will have produced 3 theatrical feature films, 2 television specials and 74 episodes of the highest quality animation releasing over a 12-month period at a time when we feel the world is in need of some laughter”.


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