Back Roads: July 6

Tonight on Back Roads Heather Ewart is on Penguin, Tasmania for Rebirth, reinvention and rejuvenation in Tommeginne country.

Once the overlooked Cinderella of the picturesque north-west coast of Tasmania, a recent community make-over has transformed Penguin into its crowning glory. The rejuvenated foreshore, the only one in the north west to boast absolute beach frontage, not only brought the community together, but also is the home of two drawcards – the Big Penguin and the world’s smallest penguin.

Toni and Lance Hingston are the lucky owners of a private headland where the fairy penguins arrive in droves, once a year, to breed. Self-confessed ‘mother-hen’, Toni says, “They’ve got little personalities; you get shy ones, you get cheeky ones, they’ll chatter away to you.”

Several new businesses in the town’s beautifully preserved heritage buildings have also contributed to the town’s rebirth. These buildings line the main street and act as a c’harming counterpoint to the town’s new look. One of them houses a toyshop, which can only be described as a child’s wonderland. Young owners, Anna and Simon Davis are early-childhood teachers who understand the value of play and of heirloom quality toys.

Their commitment to bringing joy to families, becomes all the more remarkable when Heather Ewart learns of the tragedy the couple endured only two years ago when they lost a child of their own.

8pm tonight on ABC.

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