Chad to split Big Brother prize with Sophie

Big Brother winner Chad Hurst still plans to split his prize winnings with ally Sophie Budack, although it won’t be a 50 / 50 split.

Last night the 27 year old win $234,656 from the show and is vowing to make good on a deal to split the winnings.

“I will definitely share with Sophie,” he told TV Tonight. “I think it’s the right thing to do. We were a team, so yeah of course I would.

“There’s a lot of rumours out there saying ‘showmance’ blah, blah. Regardless of what anyone says, everything in there was genuine on both our sides. She deserves to share the money, and that’s that.

“It’s not 50 / 50 but a very large sum. We decided the winner would take more.”

Since leaving the house in March, the Sydney based model / personal trainer has had to keep in touch with the Darwin-based athlete via phone and Facetime.

This week’s grand final was the first time both came face to face since filming concluded.

“It’s good. So now we can see what happens from here,” he suggests.

“We had a good catch up and chat, all smiles. She’s got her family here from overseas at the moment, so I’m respecting that, and will let them do their thing.

“It will be interesting to see what happens from here.”

Watching the show on air, Hurst was most surprised by the strategising and conversations he was not privy to.

“The surprises were not knowing what dramas were going on. I didn’t really get involved in all the drama. So it’s just interesting to see who was going at each other, and stuff like that.

“I had no plan. It was just being there, having fun, really taking advantage of the experience and not getting involved in all the nitty gritty stuff.

“That’s exactly what I did and it worked out for me.”

Hurst also won the most challenges, filmed in the Big Brother backyard or the ‘basement’, which was an exterior building with housemates blindfolded as they were transported by bus.

“That was fun. It reminded me of school days, having a laugh in the back seat. Being naughty when we’re not allowed to talk.”

But Hurst was also worried former AFL player Daniel Gorringe might take out the grand final prize.

“I thought Dan would beat me, even though I put him into the 3,” he explains.

“He was a popular guy in the house, and so much airtime as well.

“At first I thought Matty but he became very aggressive, so I thought ‘No, they might show that side of him.'”

Despite his win, the TV spotlight also comes with it share of scrutiny, with media this week asking questions about his romance with Sophie and early modelling photos.

“It was just a nude shoot. I heard they were saying I was on Only.Fans but I’ve never used Only.Fans. My agent would drop me if I was to do something like that,” he insists.

“It wasn’t bloody porn. It’s ridiculous.”

Hurst plans to use his winnings on a holiday and helping his mum to pay off some bills.


  1. roaringdave

    I’m sure that none of the housemates have ever watched Survivor. Once a couple forms, they are the next out. Even in the Champions season, one of the first orders of business was to split Rob and Amber.

    • One of my mates already knew who Chad was through his instagram and modelling career. So I guess this will only heighten his profile. You’re confusing the fading into complete obscurity with The Voice lol. Big Bro has a history of housemates who became household names.

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