Mat eliminated before Big Brother final

He went into grand final week with an advantage, but Mat Garrick, the boy from Broken Hill, was unable to secure a place in the Big Brother grand final.

Last night he was voted out when model Chad Hurst  won a “winner takes all” challenge, enabling him to choose whom he would site beside in the grand final. At stake is the remaining $234,000 cash prize, with the winner voted by viewers.

Chad won a gruelling battle despite an injured ankle, after Dan, Sophie and Mat all dropped racing balls from challenge track. After no question on choosing his house partner Sophie to join him, the final eviction was a vote between alpha-friends Mat and Dan.

“I’m pretty shattered but Chad’s played a great game,” said Mat. “He fought through adversity today and he won fair and square, so absolutely no hard feelings towards Chad at all. I would like to be remembered as someone who was just themself in there. I’m a nobody from Broken Hill but it just proves that being yourself can take you a long way, in a game like Big Brother and in life itself. Hopefully I make the town and region of Broken Hill really proud with what I’ve done.”

“I feel like Dan deserves it,” Chad said, of choosing to save Dan. “When Sophie made a return, Dan took it better. I think Dan’s a solid guy. I feel like he’s going to beat me, but I’ve played this game so that when mum watches the show, she’ll be proud of me. If I won this whole show breaking morals and making stupid moves that’s not winning. You get cash at the end of the day, but you don’t win as a person. Final three…I couldn’t be happier, I’m proud. It’s up to Australia now. Whoever wins bloody deserves it, dead set.”

Sophie Budack from Darwin said of her season, “I’m so happy, this is literally my dream come true. This is what I was striving for, I wanted a podium finish. Chad and I about to enter the real world together and I’m so excited to see where this relationship goes. It’s going to be good to get out of the house and give us a shot of normality.”

Daniel Gorringe of Melbourne said, “I’ve never, ever, ever done something like this, I’ve never achieved anything close to this, ever. I feel like for once in my life I’ve achieved something. I’ve made people like my family and Ana so proud. That’s what I wanted to do, I wanted people to be proud of me. And hopefully now I’m in the top three I’ve done that and it’s an awesome feeling.”

Tonight’s final sees returning cast members (except for Melburnians Laura and Zoe) reunite in a Live grand final hosted by Sonia Kruger. You can vote here.

7:30pm tonight on Seven.


  1. I just hope Chad wins! He’s a nice person and he deserves to win $234,000, because we know it will all go to a very good cause!

    • daveinprogress

      I hope so too. It was so interesting to compare his self description to that of Dan or Mat. Chad put himself down for not being smart, and not being able to write or do math or however he expressed it, but he managed to win the ball challenge with a bunged up foot and being able to judge how to position the balls on that slide to enable him to get up and down and intercept it in time;; and also the caged lock challenge, he was focused and skillful. Not just a pretty face!

  2. I’ve really enjoyed this new version and also glad that Matt ‘from Broken Hill’ didn’t make it to the final. I personally think Chad will win, but happy no matter who wins out of this three. I grew to like Dan over time. Yes he and Matt didn’t come off looking too good at times, but for the most part he provided good entertainment.

    I think it’s great that you vote by email. Yes people will undoubtedly have more than one email account, but at least it’s not the old system where one person could vote a 1,000 plus times. The email system should give a far more authentic outcome.

  3. I can’t believe Dan thinks he’s achieved something and made his family proud. All I’ve seen is alpha male bullying from him.
    I hope Chad or Sophie win. Chad is a nice bloke, and a hottie. Sophie is lovely, and an absolute stunner.

    • daveinprogress

      As usual, we have the same sensibilities, Gaz. Yes that crouching, crying moment from Dan was pretty full on – it’s not like he just found a cure for the common cold! Or even won Big Brother (yet).

  4. … Has Mat forgotten his more than 15 minutes of fame when he participated in ABC’s Think Tank with Paul McDermott? Which is still having reruns on ABC today?
    Will he be on the Bachelor next?

    • Lol. I felt he wasn’t as genuine as he made out before I even knew about that. Just the average Joe from Broken Hill…who has a tv profile already. It was painful watching him survive through the show this long. Happy he’s gone.

  5. I’m glad Mat managed to tell us he was from Broken Hill like three times in the space a minute last night. I was worried maybe he wasn’t from Broken Hill because there were possibly one or two episodes out of 20 where we weren’t reminded that he’s from Broken Hill.

  6. The last few eps have been painful to watch. Really nothing going on.

    Also whats with only voting via email so dodgy! I voted 3 times for sophie with different emails. So easy for someone to do and for free. Should have done telephone lines and txts.

    Glad this is wrapping up I couldnt have kept going with it at this point. Fingers crossed for improvements next year and a much better cast.

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