Plate of Origin: promo

George who? Pete who?

Seven had finally put Manu Feildel, Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan together in a promo for its next cooking contest, Plate of Origin.

The 10 part series, hurriedly finished as restrictions began to impact, is expected to follow Farmer Wants a Wife.

Superstars Manu Feildel, Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan team up for Seven’s Plate Of Origin, a world class cooking competition with a truly international flavour that will pit plate against plate,
cook against cook as teams go head-to-head in the ultimate culinary competition to decide which cuisine will reign supreme.

Teams from around Australia present mouth-watering dishes from around the world – food you know and love and new food you will fall in love with.


  1. Manu unfortunately is the wrong fit in this and should have been given a break by 7 away from any food series, the promo is doing nothing to make me watch and does look and feel like an MKR challenge. Masterchef was always going to be a juggernaut this year with the casting of returned and now very well experienced and known past alum. I don’t believe its success has a lot to do with the new judges however I hope when they work/mentor home cooks in 2021 that it remains with the same numbers.

  2. There was a contractual clause from 10 that prevented 7 from using the former Masterchef judges in any promos. I guess that clause has expired now. I feel the revival & success Masterchef has experienced this year is only bad news for this show – viewers reminded of the old Masterchef and how tired it was

  3. I’m apprehensive but I have missed seeing Matt and Gary on TV (I know it’s only been a few months) and ten episodes seems the right amount for it not to overstay its welcome so I might give it a shot.

  4. “Superstars”. Let’s see if the two booted from Ten can actually bring viewers to a new show before we start adorning them with such titles

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