Wentworth tops Pay TV on Tuesday

The return of Wentworth topped Subscription TV viewing on Tuesday.

The show drew 107,000 in Overnight viewers, outranking other titles such as Paul Murray Live, The Bolt Report, Alan Jones, Jeopardy, Paw Patrol.

That’s also the best premiere number since 2016 and up 22% on last year.

Of course Foxtel drama viewing is heavily Timeshifted due the iQ and On Demand offerings, meaning it should go considerably higher.

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 28 July 2020


  1. What a great start looks like it’s going to be a cracker of a season

    spoiler alert

    Im sure i wasn’t the only one who didn’t think allie would actually chop off Lous finger

    • A great start to the season for sure, oh yes the finger was glad she cut it off as she thought she didn’t have it in her, showed her who’s top dog 😆

  2. Telstra post-paid mobile customers have one day left to get Binge (including some Foxtel Channels streamed live such as Showcase which has Wentworth) for six months.

    • Depends on what loyalty tier you are on. I got 12 months for being on gold tier.

      We watched on binge as I imagine quite a lot would have. The ratings system really needs to be brought into the current century and included streaming.

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