Airdate: Belsen: The Untold Story

SBS has been upping the Hitler / WWII-related documentaries of late (I haven’t worked out why).

On Friday it screens Belsen: The Untold Story, which documents the infamous Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where over 50,000 people, mostly Jews, died primarily from starvation and disease in the last phase of WWII.

Belsen wasn’t designed as a place of killing – it had no gas chambers. Instead, the prisoners were slaughtered by systematic neglect – many starved to death, others succumbed to typhus, tuberculosis, typhoid fever or dysentery; diseases which ravaged the camp fostered by the lack of clean drinking water and minimal sanitation.

All that remains of Belsen today is a peaceful, grassy meadow, but it’s legacy lives on through the recollections of those who survived it. Featuring powerful new interviews with some of the last remaining survivors of the Holocaust and dramatic reconstructions. Those liberators recount the moment they stumbled into the horror of Belsen. This film ensures that story is not forgotten.

Friday, 7 August at 7.35pm on SBS.


      • VE day was marked in early May, but obviously in a muted way-VJ day now-the 3rd Reich is a huge entertainment industry on its own-films, TV series and docos galore on every aspect people can think up, even ones where the bastards win!

    • The railways is easily explained…. for instance on Great Asian Railways there is more screen time about the countries and culture than the trains themselves. They are travel / culture.

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