Returning: Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant UK.

Reality series Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant UK returns to MTV in September.

Four teens Laura, Charlotte, Charlie and Alisha feature in the new season.

Starting as neighbours in Ormskirk, Laura (18) and Morgan’s (21) crush on the girl next door has led to an engagement, wedding and now pregnancy! These two may be getting closer every day their due date does, but as a same-sex couple, their whirlwind romance has taken their families longer to adjust.

Charlotte (16) from Essex is due to have not one but two (!) Christmas miracles as she prepares for the birth of her identical twins. Classed as having a high-risk pregnancy, Charlotte’s family have been supporting her since her now ex-boyfriend moved away… but it’s not just Charlotte that needs supporting as her beloved mum, Donna, has a terminal condition. Life as a teenager is tough enough but how will Charlotte cope with the challenges that come with being young and pregnant?

Charlie (18) and her boyfriend Brett (19) from Doncaster have always wanted to be young parents but their relationship was put into fast-forward when the young couple fell pregnant after seven months of dating. Desperate to start making memories as a family, Charlie and Brett are on the hunt for their own space, just in time to welcome their new addition but with bills and responsibilities mounting, tensions are too… Are this pair really ready to give up being teenagers for parenthood just yet?

Alisha (19) and Umair (20) met at college in London and got married 12 months ago but their relationship does not have everyone’s blessing… Alisha’s family are Indian Sikhs whilst Umair is from a Pakistani Muslim background. Choosing love over blood, Alisha followed her heart and converted to Islam which her family do not approve of… Alisha has now and moved in with Umair and his family, who are supporting the couple as they prepare for the arrival of their baby girl.

Sunday, 6 September at 5.50pm on MTV.

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