Airdate: Prince William: A Planet For Us All

Next week 10 screens a conservation documentary Prince William: A Planet For Us All.

The Duke of Cambridge will divulge his passion for the planet, and search for ways to restore the environment.

This will be fast-tracked after broadcasting in the UK.

Embarking on a very personal journey of discovery and inspiration, spurred on by his devotion to fatherhood and desire to protect the natural world, Prince William sets out on an extraordinary journey to champion global action on conservation and climate change.

As we go on the road with Prince William, it comes to light that our future generations are rising up in defence of mother nature, and may in fact be the secret weapon required to save our planet.

This intimately personal discovery documentary spans across two years, as Prince William travels through Tanzania, Pakistan, New York City and London to use his profile to galvanise leaders and inspire public opinion.

In a bid to hand over a world better than when we found it, Prince William: A Planet For Us All passionately battles species loss and climate change, in the hope our future leader of the Commonwealth can give nature a voice.

Tuesday, 6 October at 7.30pm.

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